A corporate staff slims down for faster, better decisions

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A building-supply manufacturer needed to update and rationalize the role of its corporate center.
  • HomeCorp was a large industrial company whose corporate structure had sprawled over 30 years into 9 divisions, 83 departments and centralized finance, technology, IT and administration departments.
  • HomeCorp's corporate staff was three times larger than those of its competitors. Decision-making was cumbersome. Everyone was involved but nobody was accountable, so HomeCorp had fewer new product breakthroughs and longer lead times. 
  • HomeCorp asked Bain to help it devise a new, more effective corporate structure.


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Bain devised a set of criteria to determine what practical actions HomeCorp should take in each department.


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We recommended that HomeCorp change its corporate organization so that it focused on four critical processes.


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HomeCorp's restructuring allowed the organization to push more decisions to the division level, improving the speed and effectiveness of decision-making and allowing HomeCorp to reduce corporate-level headcount by almost 70 percent.

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