Client results

  • Pharma go-to-market strategy

    | Client success story

    Bain & Company helped a global pharmaceutical company develop optimization plans and new go-to-market strategies.

  • Pharma oncology growth strategy

    | Client success story

    Bain & Company helped this oncology pharmaceutical company optimize its portfolio decisions to meet growing competitive pressure.

  • New products propel profitability for metals manufacturer

    | Client success story

    Bain & Company helped a manufacturer improve sales by focusing on new frontiers and cutting losses in a losing product line. The shift to new products resulted in quadrupled profits in just two years.

  • How to sell more dog food

    | Client success story

    Bain helped a leader in the nutritional pet food market to design and implement sales improvements and a new growth plan. The efforts doubled the company's revenue and profit growth.

  • A sweet new branding strategy

    | Consumer Products | Client success story

    Bain recommended this frozen treat company reposition to produce high-end, higher-margin ice cream products. The new strategy resulted in our client reversing their market share decline and gaining significant net present value.

  • Cutting sales costs without sacrificing service

    | Client success story

    A Latin American personal care company was targeting an ambitious 20% reduction in sales operating expenses. Bain & Company helped our client create a plan to redeploy the field salesforce and capture savings.

  • Patience proves a virtue when divesting poor performer

    | Client success story

    Bain recommended this parent company wait to divest it failing subsidiary and focus on restructuring and reducing its costs. The turnaround generated an $85M profit improvement and the subsidiary sold for 20X P/E.

  • Food processor trims supplier relationships

    | Client success story

    A large food processing company suffered from an inefficient supply chain and high-cost packaging materials. Bain recommended reducing the number of suppliers, which resulted in a 19 percent reduction in costs.

  • Bank gets back to basics to protect customer base

    | Client success story

    A leading Asian commercial bank was losing market share. Bain helped our client upgrade service delivery to retain customers, resulting in a five percent turnaround in market share and a 30 percent profit growth.

  • Revamped supply chain doubles consumer product profitability

    | Client success story

    One of our consumer products clients asked us to help to restore profitability to a failing product line. Bain conducted a hunt for profitability, analyzing the competition, value chain and manufacturing process.