Don't give customers options they don't want

Client Results Story

What company is this? We take our client's confidentiality seriously and don't disclose their names. While the name is changed, the results are real.
BigWheels, a top-five car company, lacked customer focus. The company offered 15 million possible product combinations, yet did not know which combinations customers truly wanted.  

As a result, BigWheels had a noncompetitive cost structure, poor manufacturing operating performance and excessive stocks at the manufactuere and at dealers. 

To reverse BigWheels' poor performance, the company asked Bain to re-engineer major elements in its European value chain. The specific focus of the project was customer-driven complexity reduction.

Next Approach

To identify a massive reduction in buildable combinations, the team sought data to clarify which product specifications were in high demand and which were in low demand.


Next Recommendations

Upon quantifying that a minority of markets and products drove the great majority of sales, Bain recommended that BigWheels focus on the most profitable combinations and markets.


Next Results

BigWheels approved and implemented a model year line-up with dramatically reduced complexity and substantial savings.

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