Leading through Adversity

Bain & Company Chairman Orit Gadiesh is featured on a panel at the 2013 World Economic Forum, titled, "Leading through Adversity." Gadiesh discusses important leadership issues in times of risk and uncertainty with fellow panelists such as John Chamnbers (CEO of Cisco), Anand Mahindra (Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra), Clayton Christensen (Professor at HBS), Mike Duke (President & CEO of Wal-Mart), and Martin Senn (CEO of Zurich Insurance Group). Gadiesh drew a clear line between "unfamiliar" and "uncertain"; many leaders fail to distinguish one from the other, which is a fatal mistake according to Gadiesh. Leaders need to work in the unfamiliar to make it more familiar. She also warned against leaders waiting for certainty, stating that "there is always uncertainty, whether you know there is or not... sitting and waiting for certainty is suicidal."