Bain in the news

  • ‘£200m boost’ for pharma and aerospace

    February 06, 2017 | Supply Chain Management | The Times | Media mention

    Drug companies and aeroplane parts groups represent two of Britain's most thriving export sectors and executives in both industries had issued stark warnings about leaving the EU. However, analysis by Bain & Company finds that a hard Brexit could improve their profit margins because under World

  • Brexit Uncertainty Adds to Global Supply Chain Concerns

    February 06, 2017 | Supply Chain Management | Bloomberg | Media mention

    Michael Garstka, a partner with Bain & Company, discusses the potential impact on global business from uncertainty over Brexit.

  • U.K. Business Says Brexit Already Having a Negative Effect

    February 06, 2017 | Supply Chain Management | Bloomberg Markets | Media mention

    A new report by Bain & Company warns that disruptions to supply chains could cut the profits of key British industries by as much as 30 percent if Brexit ends up resulting in World Trade Organization tariffs, a falling pound and costlier labor. Retailers, car manufacturers and technology companies

  • Chinese Luxury Shoppers' Newest Destination: China; Shift in spending is giving high-end names a boost, but it also presents risks for brands

    February 05, 2017 | Retail | The Wall Street Journal | Media mention

    In constant dollars, sales of personal luxury goods in mainland China rose 4% in 2016 and will increase at an even faster pace this year, predicts Bruno Lannes, a partner with Bain & Company.

  • Trump Travel Ban Is a Wake-Up Call for Business; Corporations rethink hiring, training policies as they brace for more uncertainty

    February 02, 2017 | The Wall Street Journal | Media mention

    If travel restrictions continue, Bain & Company might begin tweaking some global training sessions, sending U.S.-based employees abroad instead of bringing affected foreign workers stateside, said Russ Hagey, a partner with Bain and the firm's global Chief Talent Officer. The company might also

  • European Buyout Shops Drive Fundraising to $131.48 Billion

    February 01, 2017 | Private Equity | Wall Street Journal Pro | Media mention

    European private funds had a banner year in 2016, with fundraising up 35% from 2015 to $131.48 billion, and the number of fund closings up by 37 to 283 funds. “Despite all the noise and worries about Brexit and Italian banks and future of the eurozone, people are voting with their wallets that PE

  • Where Bain & Co sees the opportunities in Africa

    February 01, 2017 | Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity | CNBC | Media mention

    African private equity has emerged as an attractive asset class, underpinned by favourable fundamental trends. However, stronger competition for deals, recent macroeconomic headwinds and operational challenges in Africa are requiring private equity funds to put greater emphasis on value creation to

  • Back to zero: Companies use 1970s budget tool to cut costs as they hunt for growth

    January 30, 2017 | Performance Improvement, Financial Services | Reuters | Media mention

    Use of zero-based budgeting (ZBB) in 2017 is expected to increase dramatically around the globe. Bain & Company reported last year in a survey of 406 North American companies that 38 percent of that group would use ZBB, up from just 10 percent in 2014. "You continuously have to ask what are

  • Luxury houses back in vogue as sales recover

    January 27, 2017 | Retail | Financial Times | Media mention

    By lowering barriers to entry, technology has opened up new avenues of competition in the recovering luxury market. Fashion blogs and social media platforms can quickly generate visibility and relevance for little-known brands that appeal to a generation of digitally savvy millennials. Growing

  • Luxury brands clock up China growth

    January 27, 2017 | Retail | Financial Times | Media mention

    Large-scale operations, involving Chinese nationals based overseas taking orders online and sending packages into China were hit by the introduction in April of import tariffs on packages ordered online. “That control has stopped personal daigou. People got scared,” said Bruno Lannes, a partner