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  • Gold in the mud - Bain Buenos Aires

    November 20, 2014 | Retail | Apertura Magazine | Media mention

    According to Bain & Company's Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study, due to restrictions on imports, the luxury market has undergone some changes. Local entrepreneurs have taken over the distribution of brands that left the country to avoid certain risks. (Full article only available in Spanish)

  • Mergers and acquisitions stay on torrid pace

    November 17, 2014 | Mergers & Acquisitions | USA Today | Media mention

    David Harding, partner at Bain & Company is quoted in a USA Today article on the pace and scope of mergers and acquisitions. Harding comments, "It's tough to boost top-line earnings, especially in a slow-growth environment. Companies are looking for scale and leverage.

  • Invent it, swap it or buy it

    November 15, 2014 | Mergers & Acquisitions, Pharmaceuticals | The Economist | Media mention

    Bain & Company partner, Nils Behnke is quoted by The Economist on findings from Bain's M&A pharma research. Behnke explains, "over the period covered by its study, the best-performing drug companies got more than 70% of their revenues from products that were not developed in-house.

  • Investors await changes on ground

    November 07, 2014 | The Times of India | Media mention

    In response to an announcement that India's government is waiting for investors, investors claim to be waiting for the government to take certain steps before they can enter the playing arena.

  • How to get best out of your appraisals this year

    November 07, 2014 | The Economic Times | Media mention

    "The golden rule is that appraisals should contain 'no surprises'," explains Bain & Company partner Prashant Sarin, who leads India's Organization practice.

  • Foreign investors will give the govt another 6-12 months: Srivatsan Rajan

    November 06, 2014 | Mint | Media mention

    According to Bain & Company partner Sri Rajan, the Indian government needs to implement a raft of economic reforms, improve the domestic business environment and put in place sector-specific strategies to attract significant foreign direct investment.

  • Modi and India’s reforms: A game of chicken

    November 06, 2014 | Financial Times | Media mention

    “We’re a bit mid-stream for the moment,” said Bain & Company partner Dale Cottrell at the India Economic Summit in New Delhi. Most participants agreed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be given some more time, but not too much, to turn the plans for reforms to make India more

  • NCDs, mental illnesses to cost India $4.58 trillion by 2030

    November 05, 2014 | Mint | Media mention

    “Healthcare is only a tiny portion of keeping people healthy. Preventive health has many aspects, including education, nutrition, food and beverages and exercise. There is a lot of opportunity for different sectors to contribute in this. For example, technology will allow people to make better

  • Direct and digital is best - Bain Warsaw

    November 04, 2014 | Customer Strategy & Marketing, Financial Services | Rzeczpospolita | Media mention

    Bain & Company's global survey of customer loyalty in insurance showed that insurance companies that are developing digital channels at the expense of traditional forms of contact with the client risk losing their clients entirely.

  • Women lose ambition once they get to work

    November 04, 2014 | Forbes | Media mention

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