Bain in the news

  • The barbarian establishment

    October 22, 2016 | Acquisition Strategy, Private Equity | The Economist | Media mention

    The largest threat to the private equity industry comes not from its critics but its success, and those who seek to emulate it. According to Bain, the share of America’s midsized companies controlled by private equity tripled between 2000 and 2013; for large companies it increased more than

  • Facebook's formula: buy startups, absorb products, keep talent

    January 30, 2014 | Acquisition Strategy | Mashable | Media mention

    However, as Facebook matures they, like many maturing tech companies, "realize that one of two things is true: They've got growth expectations that exceed the natural growth rates of their market, or they have material gaps in their product roadmap.

  • Merge or die: slow economy sheds new light on M&A

    January 02, 2014 | Acquisition Strategy | Institutional Investor | Media mention

    David Harding, co-head of Bain & Company's Global Mergers and Acquisitions practice, believes that companies have started to change their views on Mergers and Acquisitions. “Prior to the ’80s deal making was a de minimis part of the corporate strategic war chest.

  • Dealtalk -Sanofi's best bet still may be smaller deals

    August 02, 2010 | Reuters | Media mention

    Sanofi-Aventis has grabbed the headlines with its $18.4 billion bid for Genzyme Corp, but the French drugmaker may be wiser to stick with smaller, bolt-on acquisitions. "Pharma has begun to stagnate.

  • Lessons from the end of the Charles River deal

    July 29, 2010 | The New York Times | Media mention

    Shareholders and market analysts unsurprisingly prefer chief executives to focus on building and maintaining their businesses rather than undertaking risky -- and possibly wealth-destroying -- deals.

  • Evening reading: healthcare M&A

    June 09, 2010 | The Wall Street Journal Blogs | Media mention

    In the health-care industry, M&A is a bit like rolling the dice, thanks to the technical, regulatory and commercial risk involved. But Bain & Company argues that "if companies follow a tried and tested approach to managing deals, they dramatically improve the odds in their favor.

  • 2010 likely to be a year of telecom M&As

    January 06, 2010 | The Times of India | Media mention

    Agrees Sandeep Barasia of Bain & Company. "Many of the so-called 'small' operators in India are still part of some very large global players. Each operator will independently consider its M&A options. It will not be restricted to just the current small operators," he said.

  • Firms here must look overseas for mergers

    December 07, 2005 | JoongAng Daily | Media mention

    Korean companies must start looking at foreign companies for merger and acquisition prospects because the domestic M&A market is overheated, and taking over foreign corporations can enhance Korean companies' growth.