Bain in the news

  • The end of the Indian summer

    March 31, 2008 | Private Equity | European Venture Capital & Private Equity Journal | Media mention

    Rapid economic growth, booming stock markets and an increasingly confident corporate sector looking for expansion have fuelled private equity activity. And while markets seemed to be going in just one direction, everyone did well.

  • Faster pace shortens due diligence process: But is it getting short shrifted?

    March 27, 2005 | Private Equity | Buyouts | Media mention

    Given the tremendous time demands on buyout pros, it's not surprising to hear market players say they're concerned about issues like due diligence, which is happening much faster than normal and, in some cases, has been de-emphasized.

  • Checking out transaction support

    March 14, 2004 | Private Equity | European Venture Capital Journal | Media mention

    Joanna Gant talks to advisers involved in unearthing the truth surrounding a potential PE investment and finds the arsenal of transaction support tools is growing, as are the number of providers.