Bain in the news

  • C-suite pay raises target transformational healthcare leaders

    August 14, 2017 | Healthcare | The Edge | Media mention

    "It's a conundrum health systems face now that they own outpatient clinics, ambulatory surgery centers or doctors' groups," said Julie Coffman, a partner with Bain & Company. "If you still have hospital leadership packages solely based on profit and loss, that is completely at odds with value-based

  • Hypermarket chain Sun Art bets on online delivery strategy as competition mounts

    August 10, 2017 | Retail | Reuters | Media mention

    "Everyone is trying to compete on price and with the online players coming in the prices will become even more transparent," said Jonathan Cheng, principal at Bain in Hong Kong.

  • HSBC takes tech route to end trade paper trail

    August 10, 2017 | Financial Services | Financial Times | Media mention

    Consultants caution that trade finance lacks more than technology: that the Victorian system has endured so long is testament to the lack of alternatives and absence of standardization. Unlike in, say, ecommerce, there is no ecosystem of banks, shippers, ports and customs. “Banks and others have

  • Grocery stores are fighting back against meal kit companies

    August 08, 2017 | Retail | CNBC | Media mention

    Meal kit sales account for only $1.5 billion of the $800 billion grocery business, according to Mikey Vu, a partner with Bain & Company. But new companies are popping up, hoping to capture a piece of what could be a quickly growing business.

  • Carmakers face threat from new drivers of profit

    August 08, 2017 | Automotive | Financial Times | Media mention

    “The industry has been relying heavily on the innovation power of their supplier partners,” says Klaus Stricker, a partner with Bain & Company and head of the firm's global automotive practice. “And when you think about connectivity, digitization, autonomous driving, this will increase rather than

  • Boston Has Eliminated Sexism in the Workplace. Right?

    August 01, 2017 | Social & Public Sector | Boston Magazine | Media mention

    “It’s not that women need special treatment,” says Julie Coffman, a partner with Bain & Company and the chair of Bain’s Global Women’s Leadership Council. “They’re just facing a terrain that’s more challenging and requires more perseverance.”

  • As Brexit Nears, ‘Discounters’ Gain Ground in U.K. Supermarket Wars

    August 01, 2017 | Retail | The New York Times | Media mention

    “Whether you look at the U.S., U.K.,” said Mikey Vu, a partner with Bain & Company, “there’s a larger proportion of the population that’s concerned with where they’re spending their money.”

  • Food Giants Say They're Ready for Amazon, But Wall Street Is Skeptical

    August 01, 2017 | Retail | Bloomberg | Media mention

    Upstart brands, restaurants and meal-kit services have taken some market share. But often consumers are just paying lower prices, making it harder for the big food companies to maintain growth. “There’s a shift in trust to the retailer brands,” said Mikey Vu, a grocery expert at Bain & Co. “That

  • LBO Focus: Beauty and Personal Care Go Niche, Providing Risk and Opportunity for Private Equity

    August 01, 2017 | Retail | WSJ Pro | Media mention

    As deal flow begins to pivot toward younger, more rapidly expanding brands, new challenges are emerging. “Everyone is going to go smaller,” said Vandana Radhakrishnan, a partner with Bain & Company, adding that both investors and industry giants are looking for younger companies with the goal of

  • Cooper’s Take: Recession Concerns Take Center Stage for Health-Care Investors

    July 31, 2017 | Healthcare | WSJ Pro | Media mention

    Many health care-focused firms are thinking more about recessionary risks than the health-care debate on Capitol Hill, said Joshua Weisbrod, a partner at Bain & Company. He said his clients are looking at the effects a likely economic downturn would have on the companies they are considering