Bain in the news

  • Buyout feast expected as Trump alters debt rules

    March 04, 2018 | Private Equity | New York Post | Media mention

    PE firms have historically cut costs to improve earnings, according to Bain & Company's 2018 Global Private Equity Report, but may have to change their strategies with interest rates rising and a looming recession.

  • Private equity groups under pressure to take ‘riskier’ bets

    March 04, 2018 | Private Equity | Financial Times | Media mention

    Buyout firms are pursuing large public companies at their fastest pace, with deals totaling $180 billion last year, according to Bain & Company. Graham Elton, a partner with Bain, said the big question troubling the industry is “when does the music stop”?

  • Asia Policy Makers Rethink Inflation Amid Online Shopping Boom

    March 04, 2018 | Macro Trends | Bloomberg | Media mention

    Analysts at Bain & Company are watching how the shortening of shipping times, including through the likes of Amazon, are depressing prices. “What Amazon is enabling is this dispersion of retail to farther and farther areas,” said Karen Harris, a partner with Bain and leader of the firm's global

  • Automation will drive interest rates higher, a new report concludes

    March 03, 2018 | Macro Trends | The Economist | Media mention

    Central banks are beginning to push rates slightly higher and, according to research from Bain & Company, the trend towards robotics will push rates higher still—at least for a decade. That could be a shock for the financial markets.

  • Private equity ready to open M&A war chest

    March 02, 2018 | Private Equity | The Australian | Media mention

    A report from Bain & Company highlighted pressures on the global industry to spend a cash pile that has grown at 12 per cent a year for the past five years and now tops $US633 billion.“In the coming years, this, along with heavy competition and the looming threat of an eventual economic downturn

  • Private equity upbeat on deals, record capital

    March 02, 2018 | Private Equity | Financial Review | Media mention

    Bain & Company's new Global Private Equity report pointed out the global industry's "inability to put money to work" via new investments even as it continued to attract more capital.

  • Cooper’s Take: Fertile Ground for More Take-Private Deals

    March 02, 2018 | Private Equity | WSJ Pro | Media mention

    In its According to consulting firm Bain & Company’s Global Private Equity Report 2018, last year saw the most capital put to work in take-private deals across sectors in a decade.

  • Fortune Term Sheet: The state of private equity

    February 28, 2018 | Private Equity | Fortune | Media mention

    Bain & Company released its annual global private equity report this week, and Term Sheet caught up with lead author and Bain partner Hugh MacArthur to discuss industry trends, Trump's tax overhaul, and rising company valuations.

  • Bain & Company's MacArthur Says M&A Is Hot

    February 28, 2018 | Private Equity | Bloomberg | Media mention

    Hugh MacArthur, global head of private equity at Bain & Company, discusses the outlook for private equity and environment for M&A.

  • Dealmakers Cast Cautious Optimism While Eyeing Buyout Boom

    February 28, 2018 | Private Equity | Bloomberg | Media mention

    Investors arrived at the annual SuperReturn International Conference eager to discuss how to maintain returns while, according to Bain & Company's annual Global Private Equity Study, buyout prices set a new high last year.