Bain in the news

  • Will your next new co-worker be a robot? Automation is hitting office jobs in Chicago

    September 09, 2017 | Advanced Analytics | Chicago Tribune | Media mention

    When it comes to automating white-collar jobs versus blue-collar, "technology is colorblind," said Chris Brahm, a partner with Bain. "If it's something that's relatively routine it gets automated."

  • United Technology merges with Rockwell Collins

    September 07, 2017 | Airlines & Transportation | The Economist | Media mention

    Airlines are moving production in house-- resulting in a consolidating supply chain, says Jim Harris, a partner with Bain & Company. Gaining scale gives suppliers clout with their customers and with their own supply chains.

  • Chinese Startup Racing Tesla Brings Driverless Trucks to Arizona

    September 07, 2017 | Automotive | Bloomberg | Media mention

    “Lower costs and higher efficiency pictured by self-driving trucks are good lures for business clients while improvement in safety is a good point to convince governments,” said Bruno Zhao, a partner with Bain & Company. “The question is whether the technology will really be ready.”

  • Bundling equipment purchases saves providers money and improves care

    September 07, 2017 | Healthcare | Modern Healthcare | Media mention

    Providers that are rapidly growing their footprint have an opportunity to expand their vendor relationships and streamline their capital acquisition process, said Julie Coffman, a partner with Bain & Company. That can facilitate better usage patterns, reducing training requirements, taking less

  • European banking landscape increasingly polarized, says analyst

    September 06, 2017 | Banking | CNBC | Media mention

    Strong banks have been getting stronger but a number of banks could be in danger, João Soares, partner with Bain & Company, told CNBC.

  • Number of European lenders in danger rises sharply

    September 04, 2017 | Banking | Financial Times | Media mention

    A new report by Bain & Company shows that the number of European banks in grave danger rose sharply last year and is now close to its 2013 level, despite extensive efforts by lenders to bolster balance sheets and profits. "The fragile banks that have not acted effectively or that delayed taking

  • Betting On Brick-And-Mortar: Alibaba's Billion-Dollar Retail Experiment

    August 30, 2017 | Retail | Forbes | Media mention

    The issue is that China’s retail landscape is incredibly fragmented, according to Jason Ding, a partner with Bain & Company. There are hundreds of department store chains across the country – but even the market share of the biggest ones doesn’t exceed 2%.

  • Private Equity-Backed Richelieu Foods Explores a Sale

    August 30, 2017 | Retail | WSJ Pro | Media mention

    Bain & Company found in a recent survey that about 85% of shoppers are open to purchasing private-label items and over half say store brands have as good or better quality than national brands.

  • LBO Focus: Chinese Acquirers Begin Giving Local Private-Equity Firms a Run for Their Money

    August 29, 2017 | Private Equity | WSJ Pro | Media mention

    “If you look at Chinese consumers, they’re getting more and more wealthy,” said Hao Zhou, a partner with Bain & Company. He added that buyers in the expanding Chinese middle class have demonstrated their willingness to embrace premium prices for quality products in the wellness, nutrition and

  • Amazon's Whole Foods deal will make Alexa a lot smarter

    August 24, 2017 | Retail | CNBC | Media mention

    Amazon already has access to troves of consumer data. People can buy everything from books to furniture on its website. However, Amazon had one blind spot: grocery, said Mikey Vu, a partner with Bain & Company.