Bain & Company partners with CrunchBase to help companies identify strategic investments in digital transformations to deliver greater business value


San Francisco – Feb. 18, 2016 – Bain & Company, the management consulting firm and CrunchBase, a company that tracks public and private company data, announced that they will partner to help companies better understand where and how technology can be applied to create value across their business. This partnership reflects Bain and CrunchBase's shared belief that, as the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, established players, along with the start-up and venture capital community, need new methods to keep pace with changing digital technologies that enable companies to create potential shifts in business models or approaches.

Often companies lack the fact base required to focus their innovation efforts and investments on the most critical digital trends. These insights can help companies cut through the noise and identify which technologies can create value for customers and shareholders. Bain will draw on CrunchBase's global database of funding information – the most widely used in the world – to develop insights that help companies pinpoint where new innovations are being developed and funded, which will in turn help them better define potential threats from digital disruptions.

"This partnership brings together the best of two worlds to benefit our clients, many of whom are overwhelmed, or simply a step behind, in recognizing the digital transformations taking place in their industries," said Elizabeth Spaulding, head of Bain's Digital Transformation Practice. "CrunchBase's data coupled with Bain's rigorous analysis will create the foundation and fact base to help businesses determine what technology trends may be getting early traction that could create value for their business."

"We're excited about the opportunity to partner with Bain to tap the potential of the vast array of startup data available. Now more than ever, we think it's critical that companies can draw insights from the CrunchBase data so they can make smart decisions for their business and stay ahead of the competition", said Jager McConnell, CEO of CrunchBase.

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