University of North Texas at Dallas and Bain & Company in $1 million, multi-year pro bono partnership to develop strategic vision for universities of the 21st century



Dallas, Texas—October 4, 2011. The University of North Texas at Dallas and Bain & Company have entered into a multi-year partnership to create a Commission on Building the University of the 21st Century, an initiative focused on defining the new university's role in Dallas and the North Texas region and creating a national model of best practices for emerging universities. Bain & Company is providing $1 million in pro bono consulting services to UNT Dallas to help it develop critical components to the work and success of the Commission.

The 21st Century Commission will be comprised of leaders who share a passion for education reform and urban transformation. Bain & Company will assist with the identification and selection of business, community, civic, education and philanthropic stakeholders to serve as commission members.

To date, 10 Texas leaders have agreed to serve: Mayor Mike Rawlings of Dallas; Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban; Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Commissioner Raymund Paredes; State Rep. Diane Patrick; National Math and Science Initiative CEO Mary Ann Rankin; education philanthropist Eric Reeves; Linus Wright, former undersecretary of education for President Reagan and former superintendent of Dallas Public Schools; Dumas M. Simeus, founder of Simeus Foods International, Inc.; Johnnie King, former principal and founder of The King Group advertising agency and an entrepreneur; and Al Silva, COO of Labatt Food Service and a regent of the University of North Texas System. Additionally, Kim Clark, president of BYU-Idaho and former dean of the Harvard Business School, and Clayton Christensen, well-known author and professor with the Harvard Business School, have accepted membership on the Commission.

The Commission will oversee the development of a University strategy to build upon and implement UNT Dallas' first strategic plan—Vision 2020—with the overarching goal of providing high quality education at a lower cost than traditional universities, thus improving access to a large segment of the state's population that has been traditionally underrepresented in higher education, particularly in greater Dallas.

Bain & Company will also assist the Commission's efforts in shaping the priorities of identifying the best methods for instructional delivery, developing degree programs that meet emerging job market demands, reviewing contemporary higher education financing models and establishing methods for evaluating the success of changes enacted at the Commission's recommendation. The changes could have an immediate impact on the 2,100 students currently enrolled at UNT Dallas and the 16,000 students projected to enroll by 2030.

"As the first public, four-year university in Dallas and as a brand new educational institution, we are in the unique position to create a new paradigm for how universities operate in the 21st century," said UNT Dallas President John Ellis Price. He indicated that "the overarching goal of the Commission is identifying and creating innovation in education that will help change the national landscape of higher education and dramatically expand access to higher education through a lower-cost, high-quality delivery system. "We are deeply appreciative that Bain & Company, with its extensive experience in higher education consulting, has generously offered their expertise and resources to make the 21st Century Commission a reality."

Mark Gottfredson, the founding partner of Bain & Company's Dallas office, stated, "We have always been committed to helping non-profit institutions of higher learning improve their capacity to operate strategically and cost-effectively. We are supporting UNT Dallas in the mobilization of the 21st Century Commission because we believe it can be a significant force for education and economic development in Dallas and the region, and as a relatively new University has the opportunity to offer a new paradigm in higher education both in Texas and on a national level."

The Commission's work will be executed in three phases: 1) identification of additional members and establishment of the Commission's charter; 2) design and evaluation of the future university model; and 3) refinement and implementation of the model within the context of UNT Dallas' transformative Vision 2020 strategic plan.


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