Bain Externships at the World Economic Forum

AnasAnas Kaakeh – Extern to the "Future of Electricity" project
Anas Kaakeh joined Bain in 2011 and has worked in Bain's Dubai and New York offices.

Based in Geneva, he was part of the third year of the "Future of Electricity" project, which focused on innovation and transformation of the electricity grid at the "grid edge" by the three trends of decentralization, digitalization and electrification. These trends encompass all of the major technologies – such as distributed storage, distributed generation, smart meters, smart appliances, and electric vehicles – that are impacting the electricity system. During the assignment, the team developed a set of recommendations to accelerate the sensible deployment of these new technologies and facilitate the transition towards a new energy system.

"Working at the World Economic Forum has been a unique experience and an eye opener on how to tackle an energy issue that is at the top of the global agenda. The Forum's strong multi-stakeholder platform, convening all of the major players in the public and private sectors, offers direct access to key stakeholders including policy makers and CEOs, which was key to the success of our project. Being part of working groups, meetings and workshops around the world definitely provided me with a set of great insights and learnings."