Bain Strategies


BainStrategies is an ongoing, online education series designed for current students who are exploring their future career or internship options. The series will cover a variety of topics from the latest industry thinking to answering any questions you may have about a career at Bain. Our experts will bring advice and perspectives so please join us to broaden your business knowledge, get to know Bain and engage in some lively discussions.

If you're a business school student, advanced degree holder or experienced professional we'd love to have you join our webinars. Based on your level of education or work experience, we have both full time and internship options available. To learn more about which option you should select, please visit our Application information page.

Digitizing operations to drive growth and profitability

How digital will impact supply chain in the future and enable companies to drive step function performance improvements

Wednesday, November 1st at 5:00pm EST

The pace of evolution in connectivity, processing power, and the ability to rapidly develop and deploy low cost digital solutions is fundamentally impacting every aspect of supply chain. At Bain, we help our clients grow via technology, as well as solve their toughest technological and operational challenges.

Join members of our Supply Chain and Operations team, as they share their experiences being on the cutting edge in a wide variety of industries ranging from businesses as basic as food and beverage to highly complex digital products and services.


Thriving in a long-term career

Women at Bain discuss how they think about true success in their careers

Monday, November 6th at 3:00pm EST

Bain is raising the bar on how we think about long-term careers – we are moving from just supporting our women to be successful to ensuring that every women at Bain truly "thrives". Thriving is more than just day-to-day success on the job; it is about enabling our women to grow, to develop vigorously and to flourish in both their professional and personal lives.

Join us as we discuss what it means to thrive, our approach to the thriving framework, and how you might apply the framework to your own life.


Our $1 billion bet on social impact

How we're applying Bain talent to drive transformative impact

Thursday, November 9th at 4:00pm EST

Bain has committed to invest $1 billion in pro bono consulting over 10 years by 2025 to address some of the world's most pressing social issues. By leveraging our unique expertise and the passions of our people, we are tacking two major problems: improving the future of underserved children; and fostering inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Join us to learn more about our partnerships with innovative organizations and how we're helping to drive change.


Growth opportunities in the age of Amazon

How to invest in retail in today's digital world

Tuesday, November 14th at 4:00pm EST

In the press, we read numerous glooming messages about retailers filing for bankruptcy or closing stores across the globe, making an investor nervous about investing in retail. Are there still pockets of growth in retail in this new Amazon world? If so, what should we take into account when assessing a retailer? .

Join Eva Sturtewagen, leader in our Private Equity practice, who will share our latest insights.


The Best Summer Internship

Recent Bain Summer Associates share what makes 10 weeks at Bain the best experience to launch their long-term career

Wednesday, November 15th at 4:30pm EST

As a student, you have many options to choose for your summer... each offers a unique experience to try something new and experience a company before making a big commitment. The Bain Summer Associate program is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience our high impact learning and be completely immersed into our culture.

Join several recent Summer Associates who will bring to life their summer experiences with Bain and answer all your questions.


The Asian Digital Consumer

The way Asian consumers buy is changing

Tuesday, Novemer 28th at 8:00pm EST

New technologies are changing the way consumer product companies do business. Nowhere is the shift happening more quickly than in Asia, where connectivity is growing explosively.

Join us to learn about how Bain is advising clients to win in Asia's new digital landscape.


What will you, as a Consultant, actually do?

Hear from Bain's Staffing Managers whose job it is to coach, mentor and assign projects to our consulting teams.

Wednesday, November 29th at 4:00pm EST

One of the biggest differences between consulting firms is their approach to staffing and serving client work. At Bain, we are proud of our home staffing model that considers each consultant's interests and professional development. A dedicated Staffing Manager invests in each person, serving as an invaluable advocate and career champion.

Join our Staffing Managers as they explain Bain's approach, answer your questions, and share their personal experiences.


Crack the case

How to shine at a case interview and get a job at the "best firm to work for"

Tuesday, December 5th at 4:00pm EST

Looking for the inside scoop on what to expect from a Bain Case interview? This session will provide an overview of what to anticipate on interview day and walk through a practice case to help you prepare. Be sure to watch this video ahead of time to get some questions ready!


Life after Bain

Recent Bain alumni discuss the unparalleled business experience and real-world training they received at an early stage.

Wednesday, December 6th at 5:00pm EST

We hire people who are smart, curious and driven to make an impact in everything they do. They often have a wide range of things they hope to achieve in life, professionally and personally, which Bain is more than willing to help them accomplish. Because of this, our people go on to do amazing things in business and elsewhere – with Bain as the foundation for their future success.

Join our alumni as they reveal how Bain helped them make the next step on their desired career path.