Diversity and affinity

We believe a key factor to our success and the impact we make with our clients is due to the range of points of view and creativity Bain employees offer. That's why we want people from diverse backgrounds on our teams.

We strive to recruit people with exceptional talent and ability—and to celebrate their differences. We develop and train them and then give them the opportunity to be the best they can be. We're committed to making Bain a place where everyone has the potential to succeed.

Bain affinity groups are active networks that underscore our inclusive work environment by offering their members additional levels of connection via coaching, mentoring and professional development.

Blacks at Bain
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Blacks at Bain (BABs) became a formal organization more than 20 years ago, after existing informally for years. BABs is primarily focused in North America, but it also includes offices in Europe and Asia; Black employees at The Bridgespan Group are also members of BABs.

The primary goals and objectives of BABs are to:

  • Increase the total number of Black consultants at Bain
  • Provide support and resources for their professional success and retention
  • Facilitate knowledge and experience sharing
  • Foster formal and informal mentoring relationships
  • Have fun and build a sense of community

BABs coordinates multiple activities throughout the year to reach its objectives, which include:

  • Hosting an annual conference of Black professional staff from around the globe
  • Running a pre-MBA event for Black students entering the top business schools around the US
  • Coordinating the BABs mentor program
  • Organizing local office social events
  • And others...

BABs also is a valuable resource for undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn more about Bain and find out how to begin a successful career in consulting at the firm.

We believe not only in leading a professionally rewarding career, but also in having enriching life experiences along the way.

To learn more about BABS, please email us at babs@bain.com.


At Bain, we realize that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) employees have unique needs. That's why we created BGLAD, the GLBTQ Network at Bain and Bridgespan, almost two decades ago.
BGLAD's mission is to support the recruitment and retention of top GLBTQ talent at Bain and at the Bridgespan Group, our sister nonprofit consulting firm.

Accordingly, BGLAD provides:

• A strong and unified diversity message throughout the recruiting process
• An open communications channel with Bain leadership to advise them on GLBTQ policies and ensure an inclusive work environment
• Overall awareness of GLBTQ issues across our global organization

A culture of acceptance

Bain's GLBTQ—related policies have created a culture of acceptance that's winning outside recognition. For nearly two decades at Bain (and at Bridgespan since its inception), we have had a written non-discrimination policy that provides GLBTQ employees with the opportunity to work as openly and "out" as they feel comfortable.

In 2007, the Human Rights Campaign awarded a perfect score in its Corporate Equality Index to Bain and The Bridgespan Group. We were among the first consulting firms ever to receive this distinction, and have obtained a perfect score ever since. The firm is also rated first in Vault's GLBTQ diversity ranking.

In the United States, Bain is the first global consulting firm to offer reimbursement to same sex couples for federal taxes levied on domestic partner health benefits. Bain is also a sponsor of the Uniting American Families Act in the US, which seeks to stop the deportation of bi-national same sex couples. We've also done valuable work directly with the GLBTQ community, including projects for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Immigration Equality and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. In short, we have made great strides toward making Bain and Bridgespan the very best places to work—for everyone.

BGLAD Levels of Affiliation

BGLAD offers four levels of membership in order to accommodate all employees at whatever their comfort level to be out in the workplace:

• Level 1 – Completely open at out
• Level 2 – Out only to Level 1-3 members
• Level 3 – Out only to BGLAD Administrator
• Level 4 – Straight allies

Active throughout the year

BGLAD facilitates regular informal communication and mentoring among its members in Bain and The Bridgespan Group.

The organization:

• Hosts a bi-annual global summit, an offsite planning meeting that provides opportunities to network with BGLAD members worldwide
• Hosts events within local office branches, including group outings, office-wide receptions, and speaker luncheons
• Publishes two quarterly newsletters, one for Levels 1-3 and one for Level 4
• Coordinates global Level 4 engagement program that includes trainings, open discussions, and volunteer opportunities
• Provides an opportunity to match a BGLAD member with a BGLAD mentor • Recruits GLBTQ talent, hosting receptions at top schools
• Coordinates Bain's recurring sponsorship of "Out for Undergraduate Business Conference" and "Reaching Out MBA," the annual conferences of GLBTQ undergraduate and business school students, respectively

Why GLBTQ applicants should get in touch with BGLAD

BGLAD is dedicated to supporting prospective GLBTQ talent throughout the recruiting process. While Bain's culture of acceptance and warmth toward diversity is already a given, we understand that the decision to join any firm can ultimately depend on making sure that the people and the culture are the right fit for you. That's why we at BGLAD want to take every opportunity to make sure that GLBTQ applicants feel not only comfortable and reassured about being out during the recruiting process, but also excited about contributing to BGLAD's enduring presence at Bain.

Latinos at Bain
We're passionate about our people at Bain—just one reason why diversity is so important to us.

Latinos at Bain (LATBA) is an organization of Bain professionals with Hispanic and Latin American roots or interests. LATBA's vision: to make Bain the best career choice for Latino business talent. LATBA membership includes professionals across all levels of Bain's North American offices along with the Bridgespan Group, Bain's sister nonprofit consulting organization.

LATBA has successfully generated significant energy and momentum within Bain. And the group has been well received by the broader professional Latino community.

Primary goals and objectives of LATBA include:

  • Raising the awareness of Bain's values, results focus and attractive career choices within the professional Latino community
  • Strengthening Bain's and Bridgespan's internal and alumni Latino communities
  • Providing dedicated professional support and mentorship to members
  • Running a dedicated recruiting program to grow our Latino community
  • Collaborating with other internal diversity groups to make Bain the best career for all business talent

LATBA activities include:

  • Promoting Bain within the professional Latino community
  • Recruiting the best Latino talent
  • Providing mentorship and coaching to members
  • Running the annual LATBA Conference, which provides an opportunity for our members to network and discuss relevant issues
  • Organizing get-togethers, dinners and other social events at the local and regional levels
  • Contributing to the well-being of the local Hispanic and Latin American communities
  • Participating in Latino professional organizations

If you'd like to learn more about Latinos at Bain, we encourage you to send us an email at latba@bain.com.

Veterans at Bain_530x297

Bain values the unique experience and perspectives of a veteran of the armed forces. It's no wonder we've become the firm of choice for so many talented veterans.

Veterans at Bain (VAB) is a formal organization of Bain professionals with military service backgrounds.

Our goals and objectives are to:

  • Attract, develop and retain the world's top veteran business talent
  • Provide tailored support and resources for professional success
  • Facilitate knowledge and experience sharing
  • Foster formal and informal mentoring relationships
  • Build upon a strong sense of camaraderie

To help us reach these goals and objectives, we coordinate a number of activities across Bain's global organization. We share experiences, ideas, successes and challenges with each other on monthly calls, run informational sessions and coaching for veterans interested in a consulting career with Bain, coordinate a mentorship program, organize local office veterans' awareness events and more.

Bain has a distinguished track record of hiring and retaining top veteran talent. For the past five years Bain's focus on veteran recruitment has resulted in over 20% annual growth rate in our veteran hires. Currently VAB membership comprises consultants at all levels throughout our global offices and includes numerous partners.

Some of the reasons that veterans have found Bain a great place to work include:

  • Strong sense of camaraderie, dynamic atmosphere and vibrant office culture
  • Entrepreneurial spirit is part of our DNA—Bain Capital, Bridgespan, and the Bain Corporate Renewal Group are a few examples of how Bain professionals have taken their passions to new levels within the organization
  • Opportunities to lead direct reports, teams, and client relationships come very quickly

Bain provides experiences veteran career changers seek, including exposure to a wide variety of industries in a short period of time, the opportunity to build upon analytical skills in a business environment and the chance to gain business insight by tackling a CEO's most critical issues.