Bo  photo


Manager, Amsterdam

Before joining Bain in 2013, Bo had several positions within her previous company including leading a team of technicians during factory turnarounds. Bo just moved from Rotterdam to Utrecht and loves running, bikram yoga, cooking and dining with friends and family.

What does thriving mean to you?

Thriving to me is staying true to myself, both at work and outside of work. At work, this means having confidence in my ability to advise clients and teams in my own way, and worrying less about what others think. Outside of work, this means making time for the other things I get energy from: family, friends, sports. Thriving is pursuing my career & life in a way such that my energy positively impacts others and gives them energy as well. I aspire to be ‘sought-after’ by Bain clients & teams, colleagues, family, and friends as someone who helps others thrive.

Where do you get energy from?

Helping other people/teams/companies to reach their full potential. Bain’s goal of guiding and helping our clients to become stronger companies/people creates the perfect environment for doing what I like most: helping other people. Doing this with a great team of smart, driven, energetic and down-to-earth colleagues gives me the energy to thrive at Bain.

What are some of the most important decisions you have made over the course of your career to better enable you to thrive? 

First, the decision to leave my prior job as a manager to a become a consultant at Bain. This helped me achieve my own full potential, especially on the intellectual side. In my career I had great roles, worked with inspiring people and learned a lot—but after nearly four years I was ready for a different type of intellectual challenge. At Bain I am able to use the skills I learned at my previous company, while also having the opportunity to be challenged in a different way.

Second, I reached a turning point when I realized that I need to be more confident in my own opinion and proposing what I think is the best approach to a client or team situation – drawing on my own strengths. This helps me make better decisions, gives me more energy from the work, and allows me to deliver better results.

Finally, the decision to have a better balance between sleep, workouts and work has been key to thriving. In my first few years I always used sleep and exercise hours as “reserve” hours for extra work. This resulted in less sleep and fewer workouts than I needed to feel good. Now, I schedule workouts and set an end time to log off. I really try to stick to this and keep exceptions (which do happen in this job) to a minimum.