Luiza  photo


Principal, São Paulo

Luiza joined Bain as an associate consultant in 2007 in the Sao Paulo office. After attending the Wharton School to obtain her MBA, she returned to Bain as a consultant. Outside of Bain, Luiza enjoys traveling and running.

What does thriving mean to you?

Thriving in my career professionally is when my clients have a deep trust in my recommendations based on solid expert status and I add significant value to the project. Being able to lead thoughtful discussions with executives and help them make tough decisions excites me! Thriving also means I am able to perform at this level while sustaining a healthy lifestyle, enjoying my family and friends and having enough time to carry on with my hobbies.

Where do you get energy from?

Smart, curious and kind people: it is impressive how much we learn from each other, in and outside of work! I can think of many times when I started projects in foreign industries/topics, and a fellow employee took the time to get me up to speed. There have also been times where fellow Bainies pushed me to do something out of my comfort zone—like wakeboarding just because a teammate was keen on it—which gives me energy. Engaging beyond the day-to-day project: having an opportunity to be a leader in topics that I am passionate about, such as WAB or healthcare, is very refreshing and a gives me the chance to interact with more people across the globe.

What are some of the most important decisions you have made over the course of your career to better enable you to thrive? 

Like everyone, I have had times in which I questioned my abilities in the role and whether this was the right path for me – this job always challenges you to do things you haven’t before. I had to do some internal searching and realized that a big part of my motivation for the job comes from my interactions with clients, particularly when I feel confident and am making an impact. This realization led me to think about how I could feel more confident in these discussions all the time – where my skills & expertise are, how I personally could prepare myself to feel most confident, and—over time—which practices I would ultimately join in order to build my expertise.

The decision to align with the healthcare practice not only helped me in the process of becoming a thought leader but also in further building my confidence. I began building my expertise, and really enjoyed the work I was doing! This enabled me to enjoy my free time more as well, which created a positive cycle.

The decision to go to business school also better enabled me to thrive. I joined Bain as an AC right after a masters degree and originally decided not to go to business school. Yet after working with so many MBA consultants, I was excited by the opportunity to be exposed to people with very different backgrounds, approaches and leadership styles. I made the decision to get my MBA, which I believe was key in developing flexibility and my ability to put myself in the client’s shoes.