Imagine a role that tests and develops your academic and personal capabilities every day of the week, by setting you the most interesting challenges and giving you the warmest, sharpest and most supportive peer group with which to face them.

If you're an ambitious business school graduate, advanced degree holder or experienced professional who yearns to work with the brightest, most curious minds, then we'd love you to join our team in the prestigious role of Bain consultant. We have a long tradition of excellence in helping the world's top organizations solve their toughest challenges—and our consultants are the linchpins of this success.

After multiple years of 15% growth, we are currently hiring for our largest intake ever.


Client confidentially means we cannot tempt you with our client's names, but suffice to say, whether you're interested in consumer electronics, finance, transportation, healthcare, energy or nonprofits, the chances are good that you know our work.

As a Bain consultant, your analytical, interpersonal, creative thinking, business management and leadership skills will be called upon from day one. You will be in the thick of the action as you work side by side with some of the best in the business. And you will help create change. Every day is different, but here's just a sample of the things you can expect to experience and accomplish:

  • Research the client organization and industry; interview, conduct focus groups and facilitate workshops with client employees, management teams and other stakeholders.
  • Identify issues, create hypotheses and execute analysis; translate data into meaningful insights; present recommendations to key decision makers.
  • Move the client to action; develop a plan to implement the strategic recommendations; manage the execution.
  • Be a mentor to junior team members.

The learning curve is steep, but based on our more than 40 years of experience, we know that you will be able to handle it. And the rewards—global travel, influential connections, world­class training, personal satisfaction, unparalleled career development and, yes, financial—are second to none.


The following are a list of general qualifications and abilities required for the consultant position at Bain. Please check the local office page for any additional requirements.

  • MBA from a top business school; MDs, JDs, PhDs and experienced professionals with more than three years of industry experience are also encouraged to apply
  • Experience in consulting, in a start­up or other business environment
  • A solid team player who's also an independent thinker
  • A robust analytical skill set
  • Deadline-driven, organized and able to multitask
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation skills
  • Endless curiosity and a penchant for thinking the impossible
  • Fluency in English is mandatory, but please check the local office page for any additional language requirements

If you're currently studying at a college or university, please visit your school page for specific application details. And please check the local office page for the office to which you are applying for any additional application process details.

If you're ready to apply, please start the application process.