Case team leader


As a Bain case team leader (CTL), you are a manager in training and assume a great deal of responsibility. You learn to manage the entire analytical process, become an expert on the client's issues and industry, and recommend solutions that make a real impact. CTLs own a significant portion of their cases and assume leadership roles on their team; as such, your team's successes also enhance your own personal results story.

Exposed to more complex client interactions, CTLs play a more significant role in influencing senior-­level thinking and moving clients to action. You not only provide answers to questions, but detail their strategic implications. You are also encouraged to support Bain's culture of giving back by motivating your colleagues and the firm at large to apply their talents to support a particular social cause.

Finally, CTLs tackle questions of effective leadership. How do you motivate team members? How can you best leverage the time and skills of the team? How do you juggle conflicting priorities? As you grow as a CTL, you'll learn the answers.

However, as with all roles at Bain, you'll never be on your own as a CTL. Bain managers, principals and partners provide active mentorship on a daily basis, and extensive formal training is also part of the package. In short, Bain gives you all the support you need to succeed in this challenging role.

The next step for a successful CTL is promotion to manager, followed by principal and eventually partner, depending on performance.

Should you decide to leave the firm, your leadership and management experience will serve you well. Upon leaving Bain, some CTLs assume higher-­level positions in small and medium-­sized businesses where Bain's entrepreneurial spirit is valued. Others move to leadership positions in large corporations, nonprofits and private equity firms.