Summer associate (intern)


Bain's summer associate (SA) program is more than just a summer internship, it's a springboard to your whole career—and could quite possibly be the best summer of your life. It's an ideal opportunity for MBAs or advanced degree candidates [e.g., JD/MBA, MD/MBA] who would like to experience the real world of consulting while getting insight into what a future with Bain would be like.

In 10 exciting, intensive weeks—starting with an amazing week spent with international colleagues at Ocean Edge on Cape Cod learning the core Bain consulting skills—you'll be in the thick of it: shoulder to shoulder with Bain consultants, tackling complex business challenges and using all your skills to help drive change in a range of organizations from global leaders to start­-ups. Most SAs are amazed at the wealth of industry knowledge, client management and communication skills they acquire and the majority complete their summer with a full­-time offer to join Bain as a consultant upon completion of their studies.

And, after multiple years of 15% growth, we are currently hiring for our largest intake ever.


Client confidentially means that we cannot tempt you with our client's names, but whether you're interested in consumer electronics, finance, transportation, healthcare, energy or nonprofits, the chances are good that you know our work. Over the course of the summer—often at the global office of your choice—you will work directly with case teams and clients to solve business problems and drive change, immersed in the responsibilities of a full­time Bain consultant. You'll:

  • Work closely with full­-time consultants [who will provide coaching and mentoring]
  • Work with clients from Fortune 500 companies, midsize firms, nonprofits and start­ups across many fast­changing industries like consumer goods and retail, technology and telecommunications, financial services, industrial products, private equity and more
  • Present the results of your work to partners and clients
  • Apply knowledge and skills from your first year of business school and gain access to an unparalleled range and depth of opportunities

The following are a list of general qualifications and attributes required for the consultant position at Bain. Please check with the local office page where SA internships are available for any additional requirements:

  • A solid team player who's also an independent thinker
  • A robust analytical skill set
  • Deadline-driven, organized and able to multitask
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation skills
  • Endless curiosity and a penchant for thinking the impossible
  • Willingness to travel and work in a foreign city (if that's what you desire)
  • Fluency in English is mandatory, but please check the local office page for any additional language requirements

If you're currently studying at a college or university, please visit your school page for specific application details. And please check with the local office page for which you are applying for any additional application process details.

If you're ready to apply, please start the application process.