Senior consulting roles

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Bain managers, most often promoted from within the firm, serve as leaders for both case teams and clients. With clients, managers maintain relationships over an extended period, advising them even on issues outside the scope of current Bain work. Internally, managers have a seat and a voice at the leadership table; you'll play a pivotal role in the office as you fulfill various leadership roles, increase practice-­area expertise, intensify Bain's positive social impact and support ACs and consultants.

Key learning at Bain
As part of the transition to firm leadership, the learning curve for managers is steep. You'll learn to view entire fields, refine your general management skills, drive business decisions and build the firm's assets.

Managers take responsibility for cracking clients' toughest problems and presenting insights in a compelling way that convinces the client to take action. Key to these successes is learning to cultivate talented groups of people and collaborate with multiple teams. You'll play a critical leadership role in your office, taking on the coordination of training, professional standards alignment and social impact initiatives, in addition to sharing your expertise by supporting ACs and consultants with their career planning.

Additionally, managers take a larger role in supporting the growth and sustainability of the office. As you hone your industry and functional knowledge, you'll help build firm assets and begin to generate business opportunities with potential clients.

Bain managers are most often promoted from within the firm's pool of experienced case team leaders. However, some outstanding experienced professionals who have demonstrated success within industry or consulting may be invited to join Bain at the manager level.

Next steps
Successful managers move on to the role of principal, which, depending on performance, puts them on the road to becoming valued Bain partners.


As Bain's future partners, principals take a big-­picture approach to solving our clients' toughest business problems. Because principals straddle the roles of manager and partner, their responsibilities range from inspiring and guiding a team on a day­-to-­day basis to cultivating the Bain relationship with senior clients. Principals think like CEOs, and consistently bring innovative thinking and executive insight to the table. They are also social impact leaders. Many lead Bain's numerous pro-bono projects, while others serve on the boards of nonprofit organizations or play important leadership roles in Bain's own social impact practice.

Key learning at Bain
As your responsibilities grow, so do your skills and contributions—from owning a strategic vision to driving senior clients to action. Bain principals grow increasingly adept at driving clear hypotheses, breakthrough analyses and actionable strategic insights for organizational and operational improvement. With a track record of delivering multi-scale, multi­-year client successes, principals are architects of cutting-­edge solutions that lead to client impact and measurable results.

As key leaders in the organization, our principals take on a greater role in client development: You are actively developing new client relationships while nurturing existing ones, all the while deepening your expertise within specific practice areas. As a principal, you'll develop and inspire your teams with your strategic vision and proven leadership skills, while continuing to build your own personal results story.

Bain principals are most often promoted internally from the manager role, but occasionally an outstanding candidate with demonstrated leadership experience may be invited to join Bain at this level.

Next steps
Principals are considered future leaders of the firm whose next step, depending on performance, is the role of partner.


Being a partner at Bain is about judgment and mutual trust. Nomination to partner is a formal acknowledgement of personal merit and accomplishment. It also is an investment in the future development of our business. As a Bain partner, you'll have considerable responsibilities:

  • Develop lasting client relationships and build business success stories
  • Be a major contributor to the growth of the company, both internally and externally
  • Work with the top management of existing and potential clients
  • Be accountable, along with your case team, for defining innovative strategies and achieving results
  • Play fundamental roles in key internal processes such as training, recruiting, coaching and social corporate responsibility

In addition, Bain partners are acknowledged experts in at least one capability and one industry. As such, you're likely to be invited to speak at conferences and to be contacted by the press to share, discuss and illustrate Bain's experiences and insights.

Bain partners are typically chosen from within the firm's principal group. On occasion, select outside professionals may be invited to join Bain at the partner level.