Future career potential

The people who run companies and mobilize them to solve their toughest problems are what we call general managers, with a CEO's position at the pinnacle. One day general managers may face a customer issue and on others their team members aren't working effectively together; sometimes they have to deal with product pricing and on other days they may be focused on entering a market, exiting a market, buying a competitor, investing in a new technology or solving product shortages. There's a lot of complexity, but good general managers will have an enormous impact on the organization over time.

A general manager’s mindset is what you'll rapidly learn to develop when you're at Bain. You’ll be getting exposure to CEO-­level challenges from day one on the job—something that could take 15–20 years in other careers. The diversity of projects available to you offers unique learning opportunities and a chance to make a true impact. Mentorship, Bain’s home-staffing model and our global training programs enable everyone to be on a fast track for global leadership success.

And should you decide to leave Bain, you’ll be equipped with a unique and transferable skill set so you can run an organization and thrive in any industry. Our alumni network offers continuous proof of this, and our alumni are always willing to help you accelerate your future career aspirations. Just two or three years at Bain will offer you incredible opportunities, from starting your own business, stepping into a more senior role at a top tech company, joining a private equity firm, becoming a Bain partner or making a meaningful social impact at a nonprofit you love or have started yourself.

Alumni stories

  • Richard
  • Richard Folsom

    Founder and Representative Partner

    Advantage Partners

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  • Deepinder Goyal and
  • Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah

    CEO & COO, respectively


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  • Jayne
  • Jayne Hrdlicka

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jetstar Group

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  • Bertrand
  • Bertrand Mallet

    Group Business Development Director


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  • Christina
  • Christina Tang


    Blue Sky Energy Technology

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  • Cristina
  • Cristina Betts


    Iguatemi Empresa de Shopping Centers

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  • Pauline
  • Pauline Brown


    LVMH Moeth Hennessy Louis Vuitton Inc.

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  • David
  • David Eun

    EVP and Head of the Open Innovation Center

    Samsung Electronics

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  • Harlan
  • Harlan Kent

    President, CEO and Executive Director

    The Yankee Candle Company

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  • Thomas
  • Thomas Tierney

    Chairman and Co-founder

    The Bridgespan Group

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