World-changing impact

Our work fuels the growth of many industries, including two-­thirds of the Forbes Global 500, the world’s biggest and most influential companies. We have worked with 80% of the top 50 global consumer products companies and more than 90% of the top 25 global healthcare companies. And we are the clear market leader in private equity, having worked on half of the largest private equity deals in the last decade.

Driving impact for the world's most influential organizations has led to our own impressive results story: Bain has grown by 15% per year over the last 20 years, with another double­-digit year last year. So it's fair to say that a career at Bain will give you unparalleled opportunities to make an impact, have high visibility and generate impressive results stories of your own.


When you join Bain, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside Bain's many respected and influential experts in a range of industries.

Like many of our consultants, you will start at Bain as a generalist and enjoy the opportunity to explore multiple industries. Over time, you will build increasing expertise in one sector. The lessons you learn from working in multiple industries, coupled with the problem-solving skills you'll develop tackling their business challenges, will serve as a broad foundation on which you will build increasing expertise in a single sector.

You can learn more about Bain's industry expertise by visiting the practice pages for each of the many industries we serve:


At Bain, you will be exposed to a breadth of experience working across a full range of industries, business issues and client types. You'll benefit from Bain's world—class capability and thought leadership.

Bain's capabilities are focused on the issues most important to our clients. What makes Bain different is that our integrated industry and capability expertise is not just theory, but rather leading-edge concepts that link directly to achieving results for our clients—and helping you develop the general manager's perspective to lead any business.

You can learn more about Bain's thought leadership by visiting the pages for each of our capabilities.

Bain Insights

At Bain, we take pride in developing insights that companies around the world can act on. Ideas that generate results. Bain is home to many of the business world's best-known thought leaders, and working at Bain means working with them, putting their ideas into practice for your clients or even helping build the foundations of new thought leadership.

Bain Insights includes hundreds of publications that Bain authors produce every year, including Bain­-authored books and articles in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, BusinessWeek and other top-­tier publications around the world. Reflecting our integrated approach to strategy consulting, Bain Insights includes specific, deep industry briefs, innovative capability briefs and integrated works that demonstrate how our capabilities are applied in different industries.

In addition, our Business Insights section highlights signature projects and thought leadership on significant social and business issues, from the work we do each year as a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, to our points of view on macro trends, decision effectiveness, loyalty, gender parity and more.

Learn more at our Bain Insights section.

Social impact

Social impact permeates our organization (internally and with our clients) from the frontlines to the managing director's office, ensuring that we achieve lasting social change. Internally, we focus on education, economic development and the environment and offer formal social impact opportunities, such as pro bono, public sector and sustainability case work and externships, along with a global grassroots infrastructure to help support any social impact idea you can dream up.

Learn more at our Social Impact website.