A supportive culture

At Bain we have built the foundation of our supportive culture around our local offices—your home base. You will very quickly develop meaningful relationships with your peers, your managers, your mentors and your staffing manager—all of whom will have a deep interest in making you successful. You will work regularly with your home office colleagues, case after case, contributing to a true team environment that fosters deep trust and long-standing relationships. It's fair to say that your local senior leadership will be personally invested in and sincerely supportive of your career.

This encouraging environment is mirrored throughout our 50+ global offices. As you visit other Bain offices as part of a case, you'll be immersed in a vibrant, supportive culture where you'll feel at home, regardless of the city you're in.

Professional support starts from day one with our world-class global training where we teach you everything you need to be brilliant at what you do. Regular global training courses enable you to build strong relationships with your global peers and learn from the experts—Bain's best managers, principals and partners. We don't outsource our training; it's too essential to who we are and what we do in creating a continuously supportive culture.