Experience the world

The images above are just some of the ways you’ll be able to experience the world at Bain. But the amount of travel you do and the locations you visit is somewhat up to you and where you are in life. Global experience can be achieved purely by being staffed on cases in which you have to travel to clients' international affiliates, customers and suppliers. Normally, this would mean short trips away, always returning to your home office, but location transfers, ranging from two to six months, can often be arranged to expose you to new clients, work and cultures. In fact, on any given day, more than 50% of our teams collaborate cross-­region to serve clients' global needs.

And though we may not have a Bain office in your desired city at the moment, we’ve been opening between one and three offices annually, so perhaps you could be a pioneer in a new region on a strategic transfer to help our geographic expansion (we recently opened locations in Bengaluru, Santiago and Lagos).

Many organizations promote the opportunity for global travel but, at Bain, we truly believe that our office locations, home staffing model and desire to create an environment where all our employees can flourish enables us to deliver on our promise to help everyone experience the world.