Global training

Investment in you

The continual development of our people is part of our ethos and something we're committed to at every level. Training is not just an annual event, it is an ongoing process throughout your career at Bain, from day one through to partner. We assemble the very best team of trainers from around the world to focus their time on training or writing training material. You won't sit in lecture halls. Instead, you will learn in small, trainer-­led groups with a mix of presentations, exercises, role-playing and experience sharing. You will also have access to Bain's Virtual University with a personalized homepage containing your training calendar, your gateway to 600+ multimedia modules and tailored self­-study suggestions.

Individualized Learning Plans at Bain incorporate a mix of global training sessions, in­-office sessions and on-­line resources. As an example:

Learning Plan for a New Consultant (first 20 months)


Truly Global

Our clients are global, our business is global and so our training is a natural extension of this. Our global training sessions are held in various locations around the world, from San Francisco to Sao Paulo to Shanghai and beyond. Participants work in teams comprised of peers from around the world, and are led by trainers from around the world. Global training is cited by Bain employees as the best opportunity to develop a global network of peers.

Map of our Global Training Programs