Our home-staffing model

This begins with a staffing model that’s very different from other firms—Bain’s home-­staffing model. "Home" because it creates a true team environment in your home office. Our consultants work with many of their office colleagues on multiple cases throughout their careers; they're not just one­-time collaborations. You might see your former teammates when grabbing coffee in the café or in the office corridors. As a result, case leadership is truly invested in you and your colleagues often become close and supportive friends. That's not to say you won't develop a strong global network, too —cross-­office teams, international case assignments, experience transfers and global trainings are commonplace. That way, we successfully serve our global clients and satisfy our people's enthusiasm for international opportunities.

You will be assigned a staffing manager who will get to know you and your (often-changing) priorities extremely well, whether your priorities are geography, industry focus, manager, problem type, or work/life balance. The staffing manager will be your career advocate, not only orchestrating your desired staffing, but also ensuring your experiences meet your professional development needs—something difficult to do on your own. Your staffing manager will have insight into upcoming cases in your offices and those in Bain's global network in order to find your ideal match. The pool of case options is large; you will have input into your assignments and never compete for roles with your peers.

Home­-office staffing is a purposeful investment by Bain. We believe it is best for our people's development, team culture and ultimately for our clients' results.