What you'll do

Your case team may help an organization create change by tackling the:

  • Merger of two of the world's largest airlines and all the complexities that entails
  • Launch of a new cellular network into a competitive marketplace
  • Analysis and repositioning of a beloved global cereal manufacturer
  • Rapid expansion of a car-sharing technology into brand new global regions
  • Cost-benefit analysis for national healthcare providers of new drug treatments

You'll be exposed to a breadth of experience, working across industries with all kinds of organizations. We will train you to be a generalist, and you’ll quickly develop skills that can be applied across all industries and business needs. Over time, you will build increasing expertise in one sector where you will use your unique learnings from other industries. You will develop a CEO's (or "general manager's") perspective and learn to look at a business as an integrated, coherent whole—in short, you will learn how to run a business. This "cross­pollination" benefits our clients too in that best practices learned from other industries directly affect the trajectory of theirs.

As a new consultant, you will develop insights and solutions to defined questions. You will quickly lead the structuring and analysis for multiple problems, often while managing a junior member of your team. Within two to three years you will be structuring the work for the entire case team as a case team leader. You will work across a full range of industries, business issues and client types.

New associate consultants will start by executing a discrete piece of analysis and quickly move to driving the analysis and identifying the client implications. The learning curve is steep but responsibility comes quickly and you'll be making an impact from day one. The experience, exposure and learnings you will gain in a short amount of time at Bain will prove invaluable to your future career potential.

Private equity rotations

Private equity group (PEG) rotations expose you to all aspects of private equity, from research and deal structures to predictive modeling and due diligence. They're a great opportunity to put your analytical skills to the test—and expand your areas of expertise.

Focused on results

Like everything we do at Bain, our PEG work focuses on bringing bottom-line impact to our clients. As a result, PEG rotations involve a range of tasks:

  • Performing strategic due diligence for private equity firms considering acquisitions
  • Exploring ways to achieve peak value creation in portfolio companies after acquisitions
  • Fostering the future growth of portfolio companies to facilitate successful exit planning

Rotations last about six months, while individual cases typically are three to four weeks.

A pioneer and a leader

What better place to learn about private equity consulting than with the company that invented the field? In 1984, Bain & Company pioneered private equity consulting with the founding of Bain Capital (now a separate company).

Since 1997, we've worked on more than 4,500 deal evaluations and 1,350 portfolio company projects. In fact, we have advised clients in half of all global deals exceeding $500 million in value in the last 10 years.

Today, our private equity consulting practice is more than three times larger than that of our closest competitor. We employ more than 400 dedicated professionals on four continents and serve the North American, European and Asian private equity markets.

Learn more about our private equity work here.


An externship is a six­-month working engagement at a company of your choice—after which, you return to Bain. It's a low-­risk way to gain experience and insights in another company or role that interests you, like consumer product companies, international think tanks, nonprofit charter schools, start-ups, and many, many more. External organizations enjoy taking on Bain externs for a variety of reasons:

  • It's an easy way for both parties to begin a potentially long-term professional relationship
  • You are used to "hitting the ground running" in industries and capability areas that are unfamiliar and can make an immediate impact
  • You have accumulated experience that you can leverage during your externship

Externships are options for strong performing ACs, SACs and consultants and are most typically done during your third year at Bain.