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Why Bain:

  • Net Promoter for People extends Bain’s Net Promoter System®—the industry-standard approach for generating customer loyalty—to employee engagement.
  • We’re the industry leader in helping companies earn customer loyalty and inspire employees: Our The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Consumer-Driven World is the definitive work on the subject.
  • Typical employee satisfaction efforts fail to support real improvement because they’re intermittent and inwardly focused. Net Promoter for People emphasizes customers and spurs continuous action and improvement.
  • We focus on unlocking your employees’ discretionary energy to increase their engagement—and deliver memorable customer experiences.


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    Employees who truly care

    Build a self-directing, self-correcting workforce that instinctively conveys its passion and enthusiasm to your customers.

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    Frequent feedback

    Regular feedback between your frontline employees and company managers is vital to Net Promoter for People: Employees get a clearer vision of your company’s mission and their contributions to it, and managers focus on influencing and inspiring instead of directing and controlling.

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    Customer-centric culture

    Use Net Promoter for People’s key communication mechanisms—the team huddle meeting, the inner loop and the outer loop—to help build a customer-centric culture.

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    The huddle: Build ownership through teamwork

    Encourage employees at all levels to hold short, regular meetings to discuss customer feedback, share best ideas and celebrate each other’s contributions. They’ll feel vested in your company’s success—and share their excitement with customers.

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    The inner loop: Turn feedback into action

    Collect, disseminate and act on your employees’ feedback so supervisors can identify potential opportunities, get ahead of budding problems and inspire employees to reach their full potential.

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    The outer loop: Address companywide concerns

    By gathering input from employees, customers, benchmarking data and other sources, your senior managers can address concerns requiring large-scale answers. The process should be robust, rigorous and transparent for greatest success.

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    Virtuous circle

    Loyal, motivated employees generate higher productivity and innovation, reduce costs and stay longer—all of which translates into deeper customer loyalty.

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    Value creation

    Inspired employees create long-term value for your customers and shareholders by providing better service at a lower cost.

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