Digital Transformation

Bain Digital 360

Digital 360 Approach:

Bain Digital 360 guides companies through the "what" and "how" of a digital transition, helping companies begin to address the strategic and operational questions surrounding a digital transformation:

  • What is the urgency of moving into a digital transition and what is the impact of digital on my industry value chain?
  • Will digital reshape our consumer journey?
  • How should we evolve our products & services suite through digital?
  • How can the Supply-Demand equation be optimized through digital?
  • How should we engage digital-native disruptors?
  • How can we define a data strategy and integrate analytical insights?
  • How do we update IT to be digitally ready?
  • How should we build a digital organization?
  • How do we orchestrate a digital transformation?

The Bain Digital 360 Toolkit includes three modules to help companies embark on their digital transformation:

  • Digital 360 Uncover assesses the opportunities and risks of a digital transition, gauges digital readiness and aligns the company on its digital business priorities
  • Digital 360 X-Ray evaluates the opportunities and risks of a digital transition, gauges digital readiness and defines the business priorities linked to digital
  • Digital 360 Blueprint designs and deploys a comprehensive plan on the key digital priorities of the company, underpinned by IT, data, people transformation, and transformation orchestration. It also installs a rigorous "test and learn" process

The Bain Difference:

Digital is disrupting many industries, creating the need for a proactive digital strategy. Bain helps companies create a field-tested digital vision for the future, relying on our unique and proprietary approaches and expertise to lead programmatic transformation of an organization’s digital transition:

  • Hands-on expertise. Over 100 digital transition projects running across industries.
  • Full potential mindset. A proven track record in orchestrating large and complex transformations, including embarking on transformation enablers like IT and Advanced Analytics natively in digital.
  • Shifting ways of working. Deep expertise in design and sprint approach for innovation management, leveraging Bain's external partnerships.
  • Sustained results. Bain’s proprietary approach to change management helps build people's capabilities for successful transformation.
Our team

Bain offers an unparalleled and deep bench of in-house experts. We work as an integrated part of your team, from frontline to C-suite, to deliver true results and make the changes stick. Please contact us to submit a business inquiry.

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