Winning Culture

Why Bain:

  • Our track record of helping clients build winning cultures includes thousands of cultural transformations and operating model projects involving behavior change, as well as supporting the cultural redesign of more than 1,000 companies during merger integrations.
  • We have a solid network of experts, with more than 80 partners experienced in organization work and a global team of culture experts.
  • Our multifaceted culture diagnostic employs proprietary tools such as interviews, sentiment analysis, culture surveys, focus groups and more to evaluate your culture and generate a fact-based case for change.
  • Our consulting teams, supported by Bain’s Behavior Change Center of Excellence, help you prioritize crucial behaviors and identify moments of truth to inspire their adoption. And our proprietary change management approach, Bain Results Delivery® Office, ensures that your changes stick.
  • The Bain Inspirational Leadership System analyzes and enhances your leaders’ ability to inspire both their teams and each other, while Bain's Leadership Approach has significant proficiency and experience in leadership, allowing us to design and deliver innovative solutions for you.
  • Our approach focuses on results, and pays particular attention not only to moments of truth—which pose the greatest tests of behavior—but also where the right behaviors have the highest impact.
  • Our thought leadership in organization, talent systems and operating models helps you build and sustain a winning culture for the long term.


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    Cultural transformation

    Inspire behavior change at critical moments of truth and embed winning behaviors in your operating model and talent management.

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    Successful integration

    In merger situations, build a new organization, retain talent and integrate cultures.

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    Engaged and inspired employees

    Unlock employees’ discretionary energy and use it to continuously improve your operations and customer experience.

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    Leadership by example

    Reinvigorate your employees through effective role modeling and consistent reinforcement of your culture.

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    Agile methods, better performance

    Employ Agile ways of working throughout your company to focus on the highest-value activities and raise the standard of performance.

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    Realigned talent strategy and operating model

    Upgrade your talent strategy and align it with your operating model to reinforce your new high-performance culture.

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    Sustained outperformance

    Generate significantly stronger long-term revenue growth and total shareholder returns.

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