Zero-Based Redesign (ZBR)

Zero-Based Redesign Graphic

Why Bain:

  • Organizational transformation—financial, operational, strategic—is at the core of what Bain has done since it was founded more than 40 years ago.
  • ZBR helps you focus on investing in and improving the activities that provide your competitive advantage, while eliminating unnecessary activities.
  • Our proven techniques and tools help you simplify your operating model—from structure to governance to ways of working.
  • Our detailed, comprehensive design and execution plans, combined with Bain Behavior Change Approach, ensure that you achieve and sustain the results you seek.
  • We wrote the book—Time, Talent, Energy—on how to overcome organizational drag and unleash your team’s productive power.


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    Dramatically lower costs

    Generate cost savings of 20%–40%.

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    Superior shareholder returns

    Raise profitability, free up resources for growth and improve competitiveness.

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    More productive organization

    Become a simpler, flatter, more effective organization.

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    Higher employee engagement

    Remove obstacles so that employees can focus on the most strategically important activities and add more value for customers.

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