Sustained Cost Transformation

Why Bain:

  • Over the past 10 years, we’ve performed nearly 1,000 sustained cost transformations around the world, each customized to the client’s strategy, structure and industry.
  • Our holistic approach addresses cost reduction across your entire company, not just in a few separate units..
  • We root out costs at the nodes where business units, functions, geographies and management layers intersect―unlocking 3x–4x more value than traditional methods.
  • We look for opportunities across your P&L—and use our deep expertise in individual functions and cross-functional processes to capture them.
  • We foster an owner mindset, empowering your employees to aim costs at beating your competitors.
  • To learn more about Bain Sustained Cost Transformation, download our brochure here.


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    Big savings

    Free up resources to realize total cost savings of 15%, on average.

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    Productive investments

    Invest a portion of savings in efforts that are critical now or offer great promise for the future.

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    Ownership mindset

    Inspire your employees to think like CEOs and infuse ongoing cost containment in your company’s DNA.

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