Emerging Markets

Our perspective

The global economy is changing at an unprecedented pace and the so-called 'emerging markets' have, in many ways, already emerged. In this decade, emerging markets will create more than 1.3 billion new middle-class consumers. Home to most of the world’s population and natural resources, emerging markets represent a must-win area for both local and multinational companies.

Bain & Company has the global scope, diversity and experience to deliver extraordinary client results in these regions. In emerging markets, Bain has more than 800 consultants across 19 offices—more than 20 nationalities in the Singapore office alone. Our clients get practical insights from Bain experts in local markets.

Developing Market 100 initiative

Within emerging markets, Bain’s Developing Market 100 (DM100) initiative also offers a unique partnership for high-growth companies as they journey toward global leadership.

To help address the challenges these companies face as they grow in scale and scope, Bain is committed to a personal, high-priority relationship featuring flexible working models and IP that is developed to meet each company's unique needs and circumstances.

We develop insights that work for our clients. Our approach and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions. Below is a selection of our experts' perspectives on important issues—for our clients and their industries. Visit Bain Insights and FoundersMentality.com to read more, or stay current on the topics you care about most by downloading the Bain Insights app today.