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We work with our clients on a wide range of business issues including:

Bain has a dedicated team of global metals and mining experts across developed and emerging economies. Our projects span a wide range of issues, including turnaround programs, operational improvement and mergers and acquisitions. Our experience spans the entire production cycle, from upstream mining and raw material inputs to primary metal production, fabrication and distribution.

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We share our clients' ambitions. We work to understand their reality and deliver true results—focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. And we align our incentives with our clients' objectives, so they know we're in it together. Read the results stories below to learn how we've helped clients realize, and often exceed, their objectives.
We develop insights that work for our clients. Our approach and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions. Below is a selection of our experts' perspectives on important issues—for our clients and their industries. Visit Bain Insights to read more.
Our team

Bain has worked with leading mining companies on hundreds of projects over several decades. We work in all the major geographies around the world, with experienced mining experts in South Africa, North America, South America and Australia. We have a core group of experienced industry specialists who are passionate about the industry. And we work as an integrated part of your team, from frontline to C-suite, to deliver true results and make the changes stick.

Our team

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  • Alan Bird

    Leader of Bain's Global Metals & Mining practice


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In addition to the leader above, we have an extensive and diverse team of experts ready to serve the needs of clients worldwide.