Economic Development

We work with game-changing organizations to help improve the lives and livelihoods of people around the world, with a focus on companies that support entrepreneurial approaches to help solve the problem of global poverty.

Our partnership with Endeavor is a great example of how we're helping economic development organizations grow and better realize their goals.

Endeavor is a global nonprofit that promotes sustained economic development by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Through mentorship, strategic advice and access to capital, Endeavor helps local businesses achieve scale which in turn helps improve the local economy and reduce joblessness.

Their economic goal is very ambitious—to add 1 percent to GDP in the countries in which they operate. To date, Endeavor has helped create more than 180,000 jobs, and in 2011, Endeavor Entrepreneurs generated $5 billion dollars in revenue. Endeavor entrepreneurs also give back to the organization, in turn funding and mentoring the next generation.

Bain has worked with Endeavor to develop their global growth strategy and to help customize and implement that strategy at the local level. From this initial work, the two organizations have agreed to continue a broader, high-impact partnership. This partnership will include continued pro bono support, externships and other joint programs that will put the complementary skills of our organizations to work to transform the landscape of emerging markets.

Read more about our project expertise in economic development on Bain’s social impact site.

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