• New books from the press in September

    August 16, 2010 | Harvard Business Review Blog | Media mention

    Dithering. Decisions that turn out wrong. Decisions that people sabotage or don't know how to implement. If your company's experiencing these problems, it's not alone.

  • Leading Growth Strategy and Performance Improvement expert Andrew Tymms joins Bain & Company's Johannesburg office

    August 01, 2010 | Press release

    New York - August 2, 2010 - Andrew Tymms, a Bain & Company partner, is joining the global consulting firm's leadership team in South Africa, where he will bring his broad, cross-industry knowledge and long track record of creating real results to clients in the region. Mr.

  • For mining firms being big matters

    July 27, 2010 | Industrial Machinery | The FT Quarterly: This is Africa

    Despite the recent recession, mining fundamentals remain strong, fuelled by robust demand from urbanising economies, especially China's, and by constrained supply for many metals and minerals. This is good news for the major mining nations in Africa.

  • Banks find potential in mobile phone growth

    June 03, 2010 | Financial Times | Media mention

    As the spending power of low-income groups increases, more and more banks are competing for the business of the 15 million adult South Africans who had previously been excluded from the financial system.

  • Get ruthless and restless

    May 13, 2010 | Financial Mail | Media mention

    Athol Williams, a financial services expert from strategy consultants Bain & Company, says though it is still hard to raise capital, conditions are not as tight as they were 12 months ago.

  • Campaign to recruit those excluded from the formal financial system

    April 19, 2010 | Financial Times | Media mention

    "The banks talked about these markets before but, until five years ago, they mainly paid lip service. Now they are waking up to the massive economic opportunity," says Athol Williams, a consultant with Bain & Company in Johannesburg.

  • Change in the landscape as links grow with the Brics

    April 19, 2010 | Financial Times | Media mention

    The banking climate in South Africa is currently in a transitional state. With local investors increasingly interested in the rapid growth and wide margins offered by African markets, customers are easy to find.

  • Bain & Company promotes performance improvement expert Tiaan Moolman to its South African partner group

    March 23, 2010 | Press release

    New York - March 24, 2010 - Veteran performance improvement expert Tiaan Moolman has been promoted to the partnership at Bain & Company, the global business consulting firm. His appointment was announced today by Vittorio Massone, head of Bain & Company's South African operations.

  • Investing in Africa and succeeding

    March 15, 2010 | Business Day

    Alan Bird, a London-based Bain & Company partner and global head of their mining practice, participated in a podcast interview on the topic of successful expansion and growth in Africa and other emerging markets. The segment is 4 minutes and 46 seconds in length. Listen to the podcast

  • SA slips down gold production rankings

    March 14, 2010 | Business Day | Media mention

    Despite the six percent increase in global gold production last year, South Africa has slipped to fourth position on the global production ranking last year, behind China, Australia and the US, after the country's gold production level feel by 5.8%.