• The Bain diaspora

    November 30, 2007 | Private Equity | Private Equity International | Media mention

    Tim Sims, the former chairman and managing director of Bain's Australian and African operations states, "The really successful Bain graduate carries a blueprint for the skills which are now recognized as setting apart the highest performing funds in the private equity industry.

  • Think Strategically to Beat Recession

    September 30, 2002 | Fundamentals of Growth | Executive Business Brief

    Even before last September's terrorist in the US. business executives were padding furiously to traverse the economic doldrums. Now it's almost certain that the crossing will be longer and harder.

  • Motorola and BAT Top Leadership Supply Ranks: Career planning is a vital element for organizations that create leaders

    September 09, 2002 | Business Day

    Participating companies were rated in terms of recruitment, career planning, performance management remuneration and talent management. Talent management encompasses the projection of supply and demand of potential high performers and the identification and the creation of opportunity.

  • It is CEO's job to nurture leaders

    July 01, 2002 | Business Day

    SA's CEs must take responsibility for the severe shortage of future leaders. The average SA organisation badly needs them. In many cases the shortfall can be as high as 25%. Equally, little progress is being made towards meaningful empowerment.

  • Companies need to prepare for the tough times ahead

    March 27, 2002 | Fundamentals of Growth | Business Day

    Now it is almost certain that the crossing will be longer and harder. How can your company make it through the difficult times ahead? The following practices will help ease your passage. Build strategic contingency planning into your culture.

  • Spotlight on viability of SA online banking

    March 12, 2002 | Financial Services | Business Day

    THE fact that Saambou, which owns the high-profile internet banking arm, 20/Twenty, is under curatorship has put the spotlight firmly on the viability of SA's online banking propositions.

  • On the right track to streamlining supply chain

    January 20, 2002 | Bain Supply Chain Edge℠ | Business Day

    They are putting 10c of every IT dollar into supply-chain management software initiatives, hoping to shrink their warehouses, streamline logistics, sharpen forecasts and pummel costs. This spending is growing by more than 20% a year. They are on the wrong track.

  • Aggressive growth strategies are key to surviving recession

    October 28, 2001 | Business Day

    SA companies, facing economic slowdown, must develop and implement aggressive growth strategies in their core business areas if they are to build solid foundations that will propel them ahead of competitors over the next two years.

  • Fad or Failure of the Month: Managers Must Decide

    October 17, 2000 | Private Equity | Business Day

    How do executives decide whether to spend millions on re-engineering, knowledge management, mission statements, core competencies or some other management tool or technique that consultants sell to companies around the world?