Bain offers a comprehensive training program for consultants of all levels as well as specific skill training workshops.

Core international program
Every year, our consulting staff spends one or two weeks attending intensive off-site programs with their peers worldwide. Recent trainings have been held in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Cancun, Mexico, and Prague. These global training sessions will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge needed for your role at Bain. Some new hires also attend one or two weeks of local training sessions. Find out more about Bain's training programs:

  • Associate Consultant Training (ACT)
  • Experienced Associate Consultant Training (E-ACT)
  • Senior Associate Consultant Training (SACT)
  • New Consultant Training (NCT)

Specific skills programs
Whether you need to refresh your knowledge of corporate finance or hone your presentation or language skills, Bain organizes one-to-three-day local training sessions year-round.


Associate consultant training (ACT)
New associate consultants receive a full month of training in their first year. The first two weeks of training are in Amsterdam. The last two weeks are in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where you will meet with your Bain peers from around the world. This training course is highly intensive, designed to provide you with the tools to that you will need to play an active role in your cases from day one. Because of its extensive nature, this program is often called the "Bain mini-MBA."


New consultant training (NCT)
New consultants receive two weeks of intensive training. The first week of training is in the Amsterdam office, followed by an additional week in Miami, Florida, where you will meet with your Bain peers from around the world.

Learning on the job

Each day, we will focus on your professional and personal growth. We will provide coaching, regular evaluations and the right kind of knowledge, which are the pillars of on-the-job learning. However, your everyday interactions with colleagues and clients will also add to your growth. Everyone has their own preferred way of learning, which they can integrate into their day-to-day activities at Bain.

We pride ourselves on providing our employees with the best practical business experience. You will learn much from Bain's many training programs and your day-to-day work experiences. In addition, we believe that your learning will be speeded up and enhanced through the formal and informal coaching you will receive from every one of your more senior colleagues. At Bain Amsterdam, we are proud of our open and informal culture, which enables us to learn from one another.

In addition to regular feedback and coaching from your colleagues, you will have a mentor—typically a senior consultant or manager—who is directly responsible for your professional development at Bain. As a new associate consultant, you will also have a coach, who will introduce you to the informal aspects of our organization.

Your professional development will be closely monitored to ensure that you have the best opportunities to realize your full potential. Bain's review system will help you identify and fully utilize your strengths and work on your weaknesses. In addition to semiannual evaluations, you will receive a review of your work performance after each project. We will provide you with honest and open performance evaluations and discussions regarding your personal development, with the goal of helping you to advance to the next level.