What we do

We believe that our advice makes a difference. We are therefore not afraid to put our money where our mouth is. Bain & Company was the first consulting firm that made its fees dependant on realized results. We were also the first firm to co-invest in advised acquisitions. The returns on these investments reflect the impact of our strategies.

Aiming to achieve results can be hard. It requires relentless determination to find the root causes. After the problems are uncovered, it requires direct, apolitical and honest communication to ensure that the client not only understands the problems, but also is willing to solve them no matter what it takes. Fully integrated into the Bain worldwide network, our office brings to our clients the best of Bain, including access to the firm's industrial and functional expertise, research and databases. It may not be the easiest way, but we believe it is the only way.

Our clients have also learned that this is the only way to achieve results. Or as the CEO of the diamond trader De Beers puts it: "We chose Bain, because they would give us the most uncomfortable ride."