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Partner, Amsterdam

The passion for results really makes a big difference in the outcome of the projects. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

After having worked at a competitor for more than seven years, I was looking for a company with a different approach to consulting. After having considered a few other options, I realized Bain could bring me a different consulting experience. Being truly results oriented is a very different value proposition. When the people I interviewed with explained how that works in practice, I was really impressed, and having now experienced it myself for seven years I can say that everything that was claimed is true. The passion for results really makes a big difference in the outcome of the projects.

My passion

My passion at Bain is working with very talented individuals who come together as a team are capable of bringing change in the organizations we work for. The combined passion with which the teams approach a problem is very motivating to our clients and results in true change.

My favorite case

Our team was hired to help a large telecoms company improve its customer loyalty. As part of that case, we helped improve customer centricity in one of the call centers. We worked very closely with the management. It was amazing to see how with a few pragmatic interventions, we were able to really turn the call center around from a place were everybody wanted to get rid of the customers, to a place where the employees enjoy helping the customers.

My personal results story

On a recent case, I was able to achieve real change with one of the clients. Initially she saw our project as just one of the many that would not really help her out and would just take up scarce resources. However, after about three months, she came to see that we really made a difference and she is now one of our biggest promoters.

A final thought

Choosing a consulting firm to work for is difficult, as they all look similar from the outside. Personally, I would take two things into consideration. First of all, are you having a good time during the recruiting process, i.e., are you enjoying the people you meet? Secondly, what do the companies that hire consultants say about the firm? Then ask what Bain's reputation is.