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Partner, Amsterdam

My Columbia MBA in NY not only strengthened my professional skills but truly enriched me personally. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

During my studies I lived with 15 other students, some of whom were applying as consultants at Bain and took home the cases they were confronted with during their interviews. We would spend most of the night trying to crack the cases, not resting until we were satisfied with our answer. I realized I had never worked on a challenging problem in a group with so much enthusiasm before. That's when I decided, I want this too.

I joined Bain because I wanted to be part of a top consulting firm. Bain provides me with a professional and vast international network of expertise, allowing me to get the most out of my learning experiences and deliver high-quality work. I also felt I fit in well with the Bainies I met during the recruiting process - that made me decide to join Bain wholeheartedly.

My passion

I have a passion for singing and have been an active founding member of the Bain bands in N.Y. and Amsterdam. We have great support in both offices and play at Bain-related occasions such as the Summer Meeting and Christmas dinners. It's so wonderful to be able to share your passion with your colleagues.

My favorite case

Recently I got a great deal of satisfaction from the creation of a "100-day blueprint" for a large publishing house. The publisher had recently been acquired by a private equity firm. We were hired to help the publisher develop its strategy for the future for all of its business units - in 100 days.

The project consisted of four stages: developing the right strategy, determining "full potential" upside in growth and profit, developing initiatives with quantified impact and implementing a program office to monitor progress. Besides the great solution we provided, which made the client very happy, we also created great relationships that could lead to further casework. And it is personally gratifying that I'm still in touch with many of our key client contacts, who give me regular updates!

My personal results story

At Bain I have found my personal development even more satisfying than my professional development! It is THE reason I'm still here after so many years. I feel very fortunate to be able to fully enjoy both my work life and my private life - such as taking leaves of absences for travel, doing volunteer work in India, MBA sponsoring and working 80% - all while achieving promotion to manager.

I've never heard of such an environment at other firms, and I'm really proud we can make it all work here at Bain. It is really the opportunity and freedom to grow and create at Bain that makes this a truly sustainable situation for me. I hope to be here for many years to come!

A final thought

People considering Bain should really think of consulting as a long-term career. At Bain, we view our corporate and personal development as a marathon, not a sprint, and we look forward to enhancing our success in the future with your help.