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Manager, Amsterdam

If you like strategic thinking, cracking the case, working hard, but also having loads of fun, give us a try! double-quote-close

Why Bain?

I have always wondered whether strategy consulting was right for me. After experiencing Bain's Amsterdam Office during an on-site strategy event, I was impressed by both the work they were doing and the people. The cases were very interesting and impacted a wide variety of clients. 

Bain is a great place for people who work hard, are really passionate about their job, are down to earth, but most of all: are really fun to work and (not unimportant) party with.

My passion

The passion for me comes in the challenge of cracking the case, finding out what exactly causes the situation a company is facing. Analysing their business and creating insights is interesting and the major reward is to see (sometimes skeptical) clients become more and more enthusiastic about the insights we created based on their data and our ideas for improvement.

My favorite case

During one of my cases I worked for an international client in the building industry. It was really interesting to do pilots in different coutries, where culture is so different. I really learned how to work with different cultures and in different coutries where we achieved good results.

My personal results story

During my very first case, I immediately had several of my own contacts at the client site, with whom I had to do all communication myself. This was quite challenging!  

The outcome was that in the end my most direct contact sent me flowers and said thanks for the good cooperation and to "show the whole office how well I had performed on my first case". 

A final thought

If you like strategic thinking, cracking a case, working hard, but also having loads of fun, give it a try and meet us at one of our events!