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Partner, Atlanta

I have found that Bain provides an unparalleled opportunity to quickly build expertise and perspective and accelerate my career. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

The people. Consulting is an apprenticeship, and we rely on people to coach us and make us better. The key is finding the best cultural fit where you can be yourself, bring your best and learn!

Bain is the right fit for me because we crack the toughest business problems… but we don't take ourselves too seriously. Everyone – from the partners on down – is invested in keeping the job fun and connecting at a personal level. In 2004, I chose Bain because I wanted a place where I could learn fast. A decade later, I still learn something new and laugh every day, and it's because I'm lucky enough to work with super smart, approachable, humble people.

My passion

At work, I love understanding customers and translating what they say into how they behave (hint: it’s not always the same). So many business decisions – what you sell, how you price it and how you lay it out in a store – hinge on this translation, and I feel privileged to help my clients think through these tough issues.

Outside of work, I am a sports and travel junky. I love college football, play soccer and run a marathon (slowly) each year. Bain has also fueled my love for travel. I have had the opportunity to work with Bain in Atlanta, San Francisco and Sydney, Australia.

My favorite case

One of my favorites was in the restaurant industry. We helped create their first strategic vision: Who are the customers you are targeting? For what occasions? To win, what should be on the menu? What is the price? What does the restaurant look like? The kitchen? The subject matter was interesting, but what inspired me the most was the team and client dynamic. From a team perspective, every Bainie had a critical role and senior client collaboration. From a client perspective, we truly co-created an answer that is leading to real change… not just a report on a shelf. Now, much later, I am appreciative of the relationships we built and proud of the lasting impact we had on the restaurant and its executives.

My personal results story

The biggest successes of my career thus far have been those of my teammates. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. As a manager, I spend much of my day directing and coaching, with the "results" being the future success of my teammates. My favorite Bain memories have been of these folks getting promoted, engaged to be married, accepted to their top-choice business schools or just really nailing a client presentation. Those are my big-smile moments.

A final thought

I have found that Bain provides an unparalleled opportunity to quickly build expertise and perspective and accelerate my career. The recruiting process is time-consuming, but it's worth it. Practice the case studies. Learn about what we do. And then meet as many people as you can to understand if Bain is the be-yourself, do-your-best, learn-the-most place for you.