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Manager, Atlanta

Having client executives personally thank me for the help that I've provided has been extremely rewarding. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

During on-campus recruiting, Bain stood out to me as the best intersection of challenging, impactful work, premier clients and great people. In my time thus far as a consultant, Bain has fully lived up to my expectations on all of these aspects. I've been able to see immense professional and personal development, in large part due to the opportunities Bain offers and to the support and mentorship from my Bain colleagues.

My passion

Since coming to Bain, I've been able to get heavily involved in the consultant recruiting process, particularly for diversity and affinity efforts. What helps makes Bain and my experience here so great are the people that I work with and learn from every single day. I've been able to easily balance recruiting with my case work, with my partners and managers fully supporting the time I devote to these efforts outside the case. 

Outside of Bain, I love to run and bike around Atlanta and try out as many restaurants and cuisines that the city has to offer.

My favorite case

My first case at Bain was my favorite case thus far. I spent about eight weeks exploring strategic sourcing for a global bakery products company. And it definitely didn't hurt that the client frequently had product taste tests! I also got a chance to travel to internationally for key client meetings. Even when these trips were only for less than 72 hours, it was a fun, whirlwind of a tour with my team.

My personal results story

My time at Bain has afforded me the opportunity to interact with very senior clients. I've learned how to quickly develop an understanding of a client's industry, company and issues, and am able to make a considerable contribution and impact. Having client executives personally thank me for the help that I've provided has been extremely rewarding.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Even before I joined Bain full time, I had the opportunity to join 100+ LGBT Bain professionals at the BGLAD (Bain GLBT Association for Diversity) retreat. The event, which included a visit from Bain's worldwide managing director, gathered Bainies from across the world and left a lasting impression on me, showing Bain's strong commitment to building and championing a diverse community. As a GLBT professional, it's been great to see diversity celebrated in the Atlanta office, and I'm consistently amazed by the spectrum of different backgrounds and perspectives I come across on a daily basis.

A final thought

The work is definitely challenging, and I always feel like I have the support of those around me. I could not ask for a better place to grow personally and professionally than at Bain Atlanta.