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Partner, Atlanta

We are 'one-team', we help each other out, we trust, we care about each other, we have fun, we are colleagues and friends. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

People.  Choosing the right firm can be a difficult. You are asked so early on in your business school experience to interview and select an employer.  You have to do this based on a presentation, perhaps some small interaction, maybe a sell weekend. Big decision -not a lot of data. Most of the top firms have really smart people, great clients, good professional development opportunities, but what I think really sets Bain apart is the people. We have a unique culture that values people, we are 'one-team', we help each other out, we trust, we care about each other, we have fun, we are colleagues and friends, in fact many parallel to the community environment at Darden.

My passion

Balance. One simple word, one hard mandate.  I have a great many passions - my kids, my clients, friends, developing my people, being involved in the community, cooking. The key at Bain and outside Bain is to find the right balance. I truly believe that you can have it all just not all at once. It is about constant and ruthless prioritization and frequent personal check-ins to make sure it is working.

My favorite case

I'm working on a case currently that is focused on altering the structure of my client's industry and really changing the rules of the game for my client. It is exciting, challenging and rewarding. There is also a great dynamic that you create with your clients when you are in the trenches fighting with them to win.

My personal results story

I joined Bain as a summer associate, returned as a consultant, got to manager and finally to partner. During almost my entire tenure as a manager, I worked part-time - three days per week, mostly-client facing, during which time I had 2 fabulous children.  Maintaining a part-time schedule wasn't always easy, sometimes it work, other times less so.but I kept a constant focus on the things that were important to me on both the work and home front. I was able to maintain the level of interaction that I wanted with my family, while continuing to drive results for my clients and build the skills required to get to Partner. It has been a constant challenge and balancing act, but well worth it.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Diversity is a broad term, sometimes a bit overused.  Diversity of ethnicity, religion, culture, lifestyle, interests, political beliefs, gender, background, etc. I think across all these dimensions, Bain has a wonderfully diverse culture, but more importantly has a culture of inclusion and acceptance that breeds community and support.

A final thought

I think Bain is a phenomenal fit for Darden students, and I'd encourage you to reach out and get to know us better!