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Partner, Atlanta

This has been an amazing journey of getting to work on a fascinating array of issues in a number of really cool industries. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

I'm a bit unusual in that I joined Bain as a Manager from another consulting firm. At that point, five years post-MBA, I knew I had a passion for consulting and was looking for the best place to build my career. I also knew that my greatest frustration in the job was when I poured my blood, sweat and tears into a project and the client didn't take action.

I was looking for a firm that was deeply focused on client results vs. simply making smart recommendations, that was well-run and profitable and would provide attractive opportunities for its people and that hired a bunch of smart, fun, hardworking people. Bain has provided all of those things to a fantastic degree.

My passion

At work: I began my career at Enron, so have been around electric utilities my whole career. I find the industry to be a fascinating cocktail of pure economics and pure engineering, made complicated by public policy and politics. It is a really exciting area to spend time given all of the disruptions from factors such as rooftop solar, battery storage and "smart" technologies.

Outside of work: My family. I have three boys under four years old, so our house is pretty crazy with a high probability of someone jumping off the top of the couch or climbing on top of the refrigerator if you aren't paying close attention. They're a lot of fun and the ability to watch them grow and change in front of your eyes is amazing.

My favorite case

I've had the good fortune of helping to structure and manage the program for two major corporate spin-offs. In many ways you're helping to create a start-up, though one with all the capabilities, history and customer relationships of a Fortune 500 company. They've been great opportunities for me to use the full toolkit from strategy to organization to performance improvement to corporate finance to results delivery to IT in the process of helping create those new companies.

My personal results story

For me, this has been an amazing journey of getting to work on a fascinating array of issues in a number of really cool industries (most of which I didn't appreciate how interesting they were until I started working there), helping to truly transform client organizations, supporting client individuals achieve their own personal ambitions and mentoring my team members as they build their leadership capabilities.

A final thought

I'm often asked by recruits what's kept me in this job for 10+ years. The honest answer is I've never seriously thought about leaving – this is too much fun. I get to work on really cool problems with great colleagues and friends and see people and companies get better as a result of my efforts.