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Principal, Atlanta

Professionally, I’m passionate about coaching people to discover and perform at their full potential, while creating and building cultures that support growth. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

Bain for me is the chance to help the most innovative and action-oriented leaders of global organizations make a difference on their hardest issues and biggest bets. Over and over. Our clients bring us in at times of great crisis and great opportunity. As a general manager before Bain, these situations happened once every few years. Here it is daily life. And that means an environment of constant challenge and rapid, sustained personal growth.

My passion

Professionally, I’m passionate about coaching people to discover and perform at their full potential, while creating and building cultures that support that type of growth. Bain gives me an incredible platform to do this every day with my clients, my teams, our office, and our global partnership.

Outside of Bain, I love John Muir’s exhortation: “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread.” My wife and I spend as much time as we can exploring the outdoors with our three young children – whether it be the paths and trails hidden throughout Atlanta’s urban forests, or farther afield - the peaks and waterfalls of the Smokies, the lowcountry marshes of South Carolina and Georgia, or quiet stretches of shoreline along the gulf coast.

My favorite case

This is like being asked to pick a favorite child. One great recent case was a strategy project that transformed the way a BioPharma client thought about a business unit being spun off – from a low growth, unprofitable legacy technology to a potential platform for next generation innovation in rare diseases. The business unit became the foundation for a successful public offering and merger, creating a global leader in several treatment areas and improving the health and lives of patients across the globe. It was an immensely rewarding experience, combining creative primary research and intense global collaboration with Bain and client team members at a scale I had no previous experience with.

My personal results story

The most meaningful results stories I’ve been part of are the personal successes of my clients. You become close with someone on a particular project, but as you build trust and develop insight into their strengths and motivations, you often find yourself advising and coaching them much more broadly. One client I became close with when he was a member of the strategy group for a particular product line rapidly progressed to take responsibility for strategy for the entire business before being tapped to lead the entire business. Along the way there were a lot of lunches and dinners where we commiserated, strategized, and positioned him for the eventual opportunity. I can’t help but feel happy for him, proud of what help I was able to provide, and excited to see what is next.

A final thought

I am consistently humbled by and grateful for the caliber of the abilities, the character, and the passion of the people I get to work with every day here – both my teams and my clients. If any of you are reading this – THANK YOU!