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Practice Area Director, Atlanta

Seeing a client light up after you've discovered a new insight makes all the travel and occasional long hours worth it. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

Prior to attending Kellogg I worked in consulting, so I was quite familiar with Bain and the work they do. It wasn't until I worked with a number of former Bain associate consultants that I realized how down to earth and relaxed everyone was. I realized that the culture at Bain is not competitive and the firm is very open about how consultants progress on the professional development ladder to get promoted. Between the formal case reviews, informal case discussions and semiannual office reviews, consultants are well aware of what they need to work on. This openness is just one illustration of the emphasis Bain places on its consultants. They want all of us to succeed and help us to do so. 

My passion

At Bain, I enjoy working on pro-bono cases. This is a great way to give back to the broader Atlanta community. Even little things like analyzing an org chart can be simple for us but greatly helpful for local organizations.

Outside of work, I run marathons and triathlons. Yes, working in consulting and traveling means I've lost some speed and endurance, but I've found that most everyone at Bain is supportive of this and often I find people on cases to run with in the mornings. It's quite nice to be part of an office where we can easily find people to run with during the week or on the weekends. 

My favorite case

I worked with a traditional government contractor as they attempted to set up a business within the private sector in an unfamiliar industry. We helped them create everything from a business plan to a pipeline to a board of directors update presentation, and we helped them build a financial model to run their business. 

While it might seem unusual to have an outside company create an organization's financial model, it is a testament to the trust and collaborative relationship we built with the client. Personally, I was able to become the go-to expert on the client's financials. From profitability to COGS or gross margin, I was one of the only people that knew the complete picture. This helped me professionally, as I had to build relationships up and down the org chart. I had the opportunity to work with and present to the CEO and management team as well as lower level employees. It was a great experience. 

My personal results story

All in all, I thoroughly enjoy working here. Seeing a client light up after you've discovered a new insight makes all the travel and occasional long hours worth it. Every couple of weeks, you see clients become better at their jobs because of the work you do. This is what I am most proud of: making clients look better in their bosses' eyes.  

A final thought

Going through the recruiting process is tough. While we are evaluating how you perform on case studies, realize that we are also evaluating how comfortable we would be putting you in front of a client or sitting in an airport during a five-hour delay. Please try to relax and enjoy the process. While the cases might be somewhat stressful, the candidates that do well are the ones that enjoy the recruiting process.