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Partner, Atlanta

Collaborating with a diverse set of client business leaders and Bainies creates a non-stop learning environment. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

Learning and practicing the C-level mindset. The aspect of Bain's model that attracted me most, and keeps me here, is the opportunity to work across a wide variety of clients, functions and interesting and impactful business problems. Collaborating with a diverse set of client business leaders and Bainies creates a non-stop learning environment that constantly challenges and evolves my own "general manager" skills.

My passion

Mentorship. I have had the privilege of being mentored by a wonderful and diverse set of Bain partners, managers and peers. It is energizing for me to "pay forward" the coaching I have received to others in our firm. Consulting is very much an "apprenticeship" business, and Bain's environment encourages the connections and forums to build strong, lasting, personal relationships.

My favorite case

The projects I enjoy most are the ones where the client is attempting to completely transform its business performance. We get to support change-oriented executives with multi-initiative, multi-year programs to rebuild declining businesses or dramatically grow strong ones. This allows us to focus not only on the "answer" to the client's strategic issues, but also on how to execute or accelerate change successfully.

My personal results story

I joined Bain 10 year ago not knowing what exactly I wanted from my career long-term. As a consultant and manager, I was able to explore several industries and business areas that let me realize my interest lied in consumer products and large-scale transformations and change management. Now as a partner, I am able to focus my work in these areas. I also play a lead role in our firm's recruiting, which is a personal passion. Most importantly, I have been able to learn and grow in my career at Bain without sacrificing balance in my personal life, where I love spending time with my wife and young son.

A final thought

If you are interested in one day leading an organization or becoming an entrepreneur, or have an ambition that requires holistic general management and leadership skills, Bain provides an environment to develop these skills that is second to none.